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Ok, Atom Universe is a social app much like the old PS Home, right?  If so, then why are the social features such a nightmare to even read?


Let me explain:

  • Choice of chat window colors.  Whoever thought navy blue text on dark black was a good idea needs to be flogged.  It's near impossible to read.  So is the dark grey on black.  No, no, no, high contrast is needed for a chat window.  Knock it off with the dark colors on dark backgrounds.  You don't use colors that "vibrate" ( a graphic design term).  A social app needs to be socially friendly.  Dark backgrounds with visually bright colors.  Blue is a problem, as it is a wavelength where many people cannot discern high detail (like text) unless the blue is contrasted by an opposing color, and black isn't it.  Fixing "blue" means adding some green to it to brighten it up a bit, getting it closer to cyan.

    This is something the old PS Home client did well.  You could read anything, and yet they had differing colors.  As it stands, I cannot read the blue text on the chat window, and I have a 110 inch screen (projection)!

    At the very least, allow us to customize the chat window colors.
  • Trolls - They were a problem on PS Home, and are a problem here too.  Allow us to keep a troll at arm's length to stop them from "******" our faces or violating our avatar in other ways.  Make this global, not just our screens.  Nobody has to view this garbage either.  You are trying to make a virtual world, let's make sure virtual assault is unacceptable.
  • Increase the chat channels.  Keep local chat within a 20 (virtual) foot radius.  Area chat for the room and world chat for the world.  The chat window is too busy sometimes.
  • When we start typing, add an indication (PS Home used a "..." bubble) to show action is being taken to communicate.


If chatting is difficult, then why bother using anything else?  All these games and bells and whistles are pretty much useless with a weak social chat system.


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