Option to arrange furniture and improvement for the Urban Apartment

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Have us the option to arrange the furniture wherever we like to put it similar to PS Home instead of have a preset position and instead of paying to arrange furniture we could have a store in the game to buy furniture and maybe some free basic furniture to start off with your apartment and also have different furniture too instead of the same kind in the apartment.


Also have us the option to change wallpaper in the apartment that would be nice. :) 


And the option to change time of the day (ex: Sunset, Sunrise, Night, Morning, Afternoon, etc) and turn light on and off in the apartment it better to make the apartment more interactive.


Have us the option to play music via soundcloud on the TV or YouTube to watch video in the apartment and turn off the background music as well since some people dislike elevator music and prefer ambience. ;D


And maybe let us view the patio too. :) 


Also let us change position in the bed too that would be cool additional feature to add. :) 


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