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Dave @ AU

New Suggestions sub-forum (read me first)

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Welcome to the New Suggestions sub-forum. The feedback, suggestions and ideas you share within this sub-forum will help us piece together the future of Atom Universe.


This sub-forum will be your go-to place for any ideas you want to share, be it some feedback on existing features you’d like to see improved, or perhaps you’ve got a suggestion that would fit perfectly into Atom Universe.


Hints & tips for sharing feedback, suggestions and ideas


  • Be thorough, all feedback that has been shared in this sub-forum will be going under review with the development team. Try to include as many details as humanly possible and why you think it should be implemented into Atom Universe.
  • Share images, have you got a screenshot or image that fits nicely into your post? After all, a picture is worth 1000 words!
  • When sharing new ideas or commenting on other members posts, please keep in mind that not everyone will share the same view as you might. Be kind and respectful to one another. By working together, we'll be able to help each other. 
  • While sharing ideas within this sub-forum, please try to keep each thread limited to one idea. For the suggestion box to work effectively, we'll need to process suggestions & feedback individually.  

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