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Found 2 results

  1. Yo, it's me again. So i just came up with some small ideas to make this nice game even more better. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Music Player. Just a basic music player that can play MP3 files or songs from Soundcloud. Also have a big stationary version for suites that can play music for a certain distance. 2. Rewards. Just trophies for mini-games. Example: If in bowling you had 3 strikes in a row you will get a decorative bowling ball for your suite, or when you got a big amount of score in Atom Blaster you will get a space ship figure. 3. Trivia mini-game. Just like Trivia in Tower Unite or Buzz! HQ in PS Home. Players can also submit questions on Atom Republic website. 4. A super-basic free private space like Harbor Studio. Just all of spaces are too big for me. I want a small fully-customizable apartament. (i'm incredibly strange) 5. Divide Arcade Plaza into 2 separate spaces. Just that dancefloor and other things are a Nightclub like that Music Unlimited space (ps home), arcades and bowling is a Arcade Plaza (like bowling alley, but more futuristic styled) 6. Add a pocket billiards mini-game. Nuff said. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Do someone like this ideas? If you do, please send this post to devs (or don't if they see this suggestion) I'm done.
  2. Now before I begin, I fully realize that development has just begun on bigger things such as variety of spaces, server management, chat management, etc; as well as the fact that several suggestions of mine or anyone else have a 40% chance or lower of making it into the final product....all the more reason to do this! Let's get started, shall we.. >Please make customization reach it's peak on AU. I'm not talking about something as simple as putting on clothes for male or female, no. I'm talking about allowing a user's character to go beyond that; such as, allowing a User to not wear one shirt..but two shirts! Maybe two or three? Maybe implement User's to customize their undershirts, knee socks, etc. Please be VERY in depth with customization. A wide color palette would be amazing as well. >Age restriction: This may not be inputted, however, if there is going to be something in Atom Universe that is in any way shape or form sexually appealing or something very gorey, then an age restriction would suffice, would it not? >Spaces/Scenes: Make the public and private spaces on AU pre-rendered and fully loaded. Meaning, that unlike Playstation Home, when a User goes from one area to the next, do not allow a loading screen to commence! Make AU feel as open world as possible. >Avatar animations and Interactions: I'm sure this will be addressed within a month or so, although please be on the lookout for animations. The demo of AU I saw a few months back had horrible animations. Especially for females, though I trust it will be fixed. Also, please consider adding interactions between players such as hugging, kissing, piggy back riding (while the player on the ground is controlling of course), and much more. >Ignore button or Block feature: Be quite vigilant on this. Back on Playstation Home, the ignore button would only simply say "(Blocked)" over the User's name and not actually make the User fade away or become invisible from your eye. Be very careful of this, AU development team. >In-Game moderation: I'm quite sure there will be a select few of well known contributors on the AU site and the AU dev team to be selected as in-game moderators for AU. Please make sure that this is a main priority. I realize there is only so much a few people in only a few public spaces can do. But please document a good and thorough chat log of each space to make sure the User is in check. >Environments and Realism: When night hits, allow the User's character to feel drowsy or tired. When sunlight or morning hits, allow the user to feel cranky or ecstatic. It makes the game feel fun! When rain hits, User's clothes and hair should be soaked and wet; set a time limit to how long it'll take for the User to dry off. When someone walks or passes by another user (or even an NPC), make the User's character to act all surprised and say "I'm so sorry about that" while having a sympathetic look and hand motion. That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.