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Found 1 result

  1. Hey~~~ I was reading a post and saw someone brought up that they want some items from Granzella to be put onto Atom Universe. I wanna take that idea one step farther. What if Atom Universe teamed up with Granzella just like PS Home did? Granzella would have their own planets just like they had their own servers. They don't have to be exactly like the servers on PS Home. They would have their own shop with their own products. On one of my other posts I put that in the Navi there would be a shop section and each store would have a sub section. This would be one of those shops with a sub section. I really miss the servers they had on PS Home like their Edo Nippon to the Beach servers. They had very interesting games on the servers. Like for instance on the Edo Nippon server they had this demon fighting game. Where you would grab your sword and fight off the demons running around terrorizing the people of Edo. You could buy better weapons to use for your fight and better armor. Of course these items could be worn outside of the game. The next server I really cant remember the name it was like a hideout of some sort, but it was a beach. It had a few games. The first was like digging for fossils. The prizes could range from a cool new fossil to junk. Then there was a lovely ocean. In this ocean you could run around and find cool things like jewelry. Lastly, there was a race. This next place wasn't on Home for long if I am remembering correctly. It was another beach. It was a rather large beach with lovely bungalows and there was swimming. At the shop you could purchase different floaties like beds, sharks, and more. The point I'm trying to make is all these places were some of my favorites on Home. I would really enjoy having them come back or at least something to these effects. (Sorry for rambling too much x.x) ~~~Here are some photos~~~