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Found 12 results

  1. i make some music on the side and i noticed a vibe in the arcade plaza that i just think i could add to. i've got a track that would fit nicely in au's soundtrack. is there any way i can get my material in the arcade? who can i ask? i'd appreciate some advice. it would be cool to have the community jump to my music lol not sure how this forum stuff works.
  2. Rocking the weekend with Altered Sky! We are super excited to confirm that Scottish rock band Altered Sky will be featured in Atom Universe for an awesome 24-hour marathon on PS4 and Steam! While the band is currently touring in Asia, join us at the Altered Sky Arcade Plaza in Atom Universe from 9am BST on Saturday 9th September until 9am BST on Sunday 10th September to watch some of the band’s most popular videos. New to Atom Universe? Download the game for free from your PS4 ( or Steam ( and use the voucher code ALTEREDSKY1, which will give you a 2 weeks VIP subscription absolutely free! And don’t forget to show Altered Sky all your love with your Avatar - the official t-shirts are available in-game for free!
  3. So there's this artist who's music we NEED in this game you guys. His name is nanobii and he makes Happy Hardcore which is perfect for Atom since you guys already have a couple Happy Hardcore songs in that foam party server playlist. And it's dance/party music, exactly what you'd want in Atom. He has some AMAZING songs, the ones that I'd really really really want to see in-game are Rainbow Road (, Twilight (, Popsicle Beach (, and Chipland ( It would be AMAAAAAZING to have those in Atom, whoever hasn't listened to them should go check them out and then support this thread so we can GET THIS MAN INTO ATOM.
  4. I was wondering because there's quite a few songs I'd like to suggest, but I don't think there's anywhere to do it. Or what the guidelines would be. Is there a thread to suggest songs/what would the song guidelines be? If there isn't one I think one should be made, unless you guys don't actually take suggestions and just pick the songs yourself lol.
  5. RedMoon, Singapore's 22 year-old #1 EDM Producer, will be on Atom Universe! One of his latest tracks titled 'Heavyweight' even racked an astounding 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Having released under some of the world's major league labels such as the critically acclaimed Spinnin' Records & Monstercat has made him one of the top music producers in the country. More of his music on Sound Cloud:
  6. AviLife Music is a collection of YouTube channels featuring music from virtual worlds. As part of AviLife Music we have launched a brand new channel for music from the Atom Universe game. We will be updating the AviLife YouTube channel over time as more and more music gets added to Atom Universe. We have already started uploading music featured in Atom Universe which you can check out below! *We are in no way associated with Atom Republic, we're just a group of fans who want to make it easy for other Atom Universe fans to listen to music from the game*
  7. PhyroBomb, out of Firenze, Italy is one example of many musicians around the globe that will have their music highlighted in Atom Universe. This young EDM band has an amazing sound, just listen to "Polarity" on Soundcloud…/polarity-ft-nathan-brumley,it is a favorite! Get your dancing shoes ready! (We realize people enjoy different styles of music and there will be many genre's featured in Atom Universe. If you have suggestions for other musicians or genre's you would like to see featured, please post at
  8. Tyler Clark (@TaylorClarkMusic), American musician, to be highlighted in Atom Universe. Tyler was trained as a classical pianist, but a desire to make all-original works led him to experiment with electronic and synth sounds. Tyler's music has been featured by Phil DeFranco (@DeFrancoNation), SourceFed (, Bebopvox (@TheBebopVox,) among other notable sources. Tyler has created hundreds of his own original works and assisted with many others created by his colleagues. He enjoys working with and for other EDM artists, video producers and entertainers. All inquiries can be directed to On Tyler's YouTube channel "Breaking Point featuring Jeremy Strickland" is one of our favorites; more Tyler Clark music available on SoundCloud. (We realize people enjoy different styles of music and there will be many genre's featured in Atom Universe. If you have suggestions of other musicans or genre's you would like to see featured, please post at
  9. Romanian EDM producer, NoXuu will be highlighted in Atom Universe. Genre: Dubstep, Trap, Chill, Electro... Find NoXuu on Facebook: Soundcloud: YouTube: Da Bass by NoXuu:
  10. Tobu (stylized as 7obu) is a music producer from Riga, Latvia, and will be featured in ‪#‎AtomUniverse! Tobu's newest tune 'Puzzle' was just released July 31st, take a listen on YouTube or SoundCloud. See the 7obu website for further information. YouTube: [media] SoundCloud:
  11. "Musical Artist - CLARX, will be making music in Atom Universe." It is probably good. I want a little jazzy(Jazz and House mix) music.
  12. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of the musical artist's that will be featured in Atom Universe. Musical Artist - CLARX, will be making music in Atom Universe. We'll be highlighting many new and up-coming musicians. With Over 7.5k Facebook followers - @clarxpl, listen to his music at