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Found 3 results

  1. I'm just throwing it out there, Atom universe would clean up if they just added clothing stores inside of the HUB, so you can wall inside of the clothing store or even furniture stores. And try on the clothing before buying them, to see if you like the ( FIT ) needless to say I am guilty of buying and spending over thousands of dollars on PS HOME. people want to buy and pick out their own items I'M JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE.
  2. What would You like to have in the stores for sale? I would like to see things that we can use and Iike, so post your idea's here, personally I'd like to see a can of troll repellant as a lmo and when you spray it the troll poofs lol.
  3. Was thinking what I would like to see in my personal space, and what lmo's and interactive options available in personal space, I would like to have the option to buy Blinds for my windows and glass walls, either vertical or horizontal, and be able to choose from different colors, the ability to open or raise them and have a glass area in the ceiling that could be closed or opened also, I would like to be able to spawn outside the personal space and enter on my own, with a name plate optional on the outside of the front door with my name on it, so when anyone approches my space they ring the doorbell just like in real life and your name on the name plate by the door, " Jennifer's Place" kinda personalizes it makes it like home ? And you can answer the door and let them in. or choose not to.