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Found 3 results

  1. I have an idea that should allow us to have a Hair extension or hat with any hairstyle in the game. It should also work with Hammy heads too, or any other kind of head for that matter. It involves something that is already in the game so not as much extra coding will be needed ( I think) , here's what I mean: If you equip your Avi with any wings or any other back item and then try to equip the glowing necklace what happens? The wings vanish. Why? Because as far as the coding is concerned the necklace is a back item. You see what I mean? On Playstation Home I had a necklace (and other stuff) that was actually a hand item, even though it wasnt worn on the hand. Here's how I would like to see this idea used. We could have a hair extension like the LED Pony tail (from a previous post by Abiatha) and still be able to wear it with any other hair style...If the LED Ponytail was a " back item " in the coding.( instead of wings ) It's not as if we would need wings with a huge hair extension like the LED Ponytail as the two would foul eachother anyway. With the LED Ponytail I mean using it just as a ponytail, not with the crash helmet (which in real life has to be there to support and power the tail) Here is a pic of the LED Ponytail that Abiatha originally posted, I would love to see this in the game and heres how it could be done. We dont have to worry about gravity in Atom Universe so the ponytail could join to the base of the skull/top of the neck and when worn with a hairstyle it would appear to join with that hairstyle (or hammy head) quite seemlessly. The Ponytail could join to the top of the head as well, it would look really good with the glowing dreads or any other glowing hairstyle should we get them in the future. With hair, hats and hammy heads the devs could make a hat specially for this and have it as a back item instead of a head item. It would still go on top of the head but it would sit a little higher to allow for the hairstyle/hammy head. Using this idea we could have a hat or a hair extension ( ponytail or otherwise) with any hair style. We could have a hat with a hammy head or even a hairstyle for a hammy head. The hair extension or LED Ponytail would be a "one size fits all" (for human heads) but the hat for a hammy head would need to be specific for a hammy as hammy, alien, smiley face or turkey head's (lolz) are all different sizes For myself this idea is about hair extensions like the LED Ponytail or having a hat with any hair style as I dont do the hammy thing. If you are a hammy ( or an alien, turkeyhead or whatever) here is the solution to your hat problem. If you like this idea then please support this thread and let the Devs know. I know some of you have mentioned this in the past. I really like this idea of crazy cool hair extensions and having them coded as "back items" instead of head items should work. It already exists with the glowing necklace so why not with a hair extension or hat?
  2. Today I saw an amazing thing that a friend posted on Facebook - an LED ponytail!!! I thought: wouldn't it be great to have this, or something like it in AU! We already have the animated clothing rewards, so I am hoping it would be possible to have this 'hair' style. Not sure if it would be breaching any sort of licensing to have it though... Here a video of it in action!
  3. Yeah I don't know if anyone else is really bothered by this, but the fact that all the hats come with their own hair instead of just going on your head with the hair you have on really sucks. I would have had a cap on for months, but I can't because it takes away my beautiful emo hair and replaces it with some weird super short hair. ._. I'd KILL to have a cap on with my emo hair.