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Found 2 results

  1. Today I saw an amazing thing that a friend posted on Facebook - an LED ponytail!!! I thought: wouldn't it be great to have this, or something like it in AU! We already have the animated clothing rewards, so I am hoping it would be possible to have this 'hair' style. Not sure if it would be breaching any sort of licensing to have it though... Here a video of it in action!
  2. Yeah I don't know if anyone else is really bothered by this, but the fact that all the hats come with their own hair instead of just going on your head with the hair you have on really sucks. I would have had a cap on for months, but I can't because it takes away my beautiful emo hair and replaces it with some weird super short hair. ._. I'd KILL to have a cap on with my emo hair.