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Found 1 result

  1. Excuse the caps, it's just that ever since the K-Pop dance pack was added (which I was really disappointed with but we'll get to that in a sec) I INSTANTLY thought that a J-Pop pack should follow. With things like the CANDY CANDY dance (, the PONPONPON dance (, and the Ninja Re Bang Bang dance ( all by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. That'd be AMAZING. Also, when I saw a K-Pop pack get released I got really hype because I thought it'd have stuff like Gee (, I GOT A BOY (, Run Devil Run ( all by Girls' Generation, or even stuff by some of those male K-Pop groups I don't know any of the names of, but it just ended up being three separate parts of Gangnam Style. ._. I mean Gangnam Style is okay and all, but it honestly didn't even cross my mind when I heard "K-Pop", so I thought it was a real wasted opportunity. And I'm not even super into K-Pop or anything, I just know they have some crisp dances. So more K-Pop packs with any of the aforementioned stuff would be A-Mazing. Here's another link to a compilation of a lot of viable options including stuff by a bunch of the male groups that I know nothing about lol.