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Found 6 results

  1. Hey~~~ When it comes to changing the color of clothes, hair, skin or anything I think the color selection needs to change. Like the clothes and extras should have a wide range of selection and the color should show up better. Like you can select a color and it will look darker on the item that is being changed then what it looks like in the selector. Now when you go to change the color of hair I would like actual hair color options like Blonde, Brown, and Red(orange). Like natural colors. Of course I would like other colors as well. Maybe more color options would be cool too. ~~~Photos~~~
  2. This thread will be mostly about Make-up, cosmetics and beauty but first as background I would like a brief chat about Avi customization. I am NOT going to ask for FULL customization of our Avi's, quite the opposite actually, lets not have it, at least not for a while. I realise that this comment might make some of you angry with me but please bear with me, I am going somewhere with this. Of course I would like to have full customization but I want the customization to be correct, fully working and not have a negative effect on the games servers. I'm no expert on game programming (in fact I really dont have a clue) but I'm guessing that Face and Body customization would be a very large part of the Atom Universe programme, so large in fact if not executed correctly it could have an extemely adverse effect on the game with consequences that could be something like what we saw on Atom's rival game last year. I dont mean to rip on Nebula here and I'm sure that players and devs alike can appreciate the disapointment that Xaloc and their backers must have felt after all their hard work only to have to have it removed from the Ps store ( I know its back in store now but that must have been an awful blow to them having it off store for about 8/9 months) . That's not something I'd wish on anybody and certainly not something I would want to see happen to Atom either. So as far as full Avi customization is concerned lets give the devs ALL the time they need to get this part of Atom Universe right. I've been using Eve for a year now and I still think she's cool and if it takes another year then I'm ok with that. (that's not meant as a time limit,lol, take as long as you need) A lot of us seem to be able to make our Eve's (and Adam's) look very different anyway with the clothing , hair and accessories that we have on Atom However there is a "part" of customization I was hoping we could have if possible and that's Make up. No alterations to the face or body shape just make up over the existing shape /shapes we already have (there are two versions of Eve after all) . Full make up too, PS Home was quite good for the day but they did lack make up options in some vital area's. Even though we could change our skin tone I dont think there was an option for foundation or primer. As our Avatars on Atom Universe have very well detailed faces with pores etc then Primer,foundation, concealer and powder will become necessary to acheive a nice smooth look about the avatars faces and even out the skin tone. Concealer can hide anything the individual player does not want to see on their avatar. Contouring will enhance the bone structure and allow the apperance of changing the shape of the face, depending on the skill of the player and how its done, its a learning curve and will be fun to do Next we'll move on to Bronzer and Blusher so we can give the face a healthy glow and stop a pasty look and further enhance the cheek bones. Again with proper application this will give a polished finish and I do mean Proper, I think we all remember over use of the blusher brush on Playstation Home which gave the apperance of the face having been slapped repeatedly Some people (wrongly) think that the more blusher you put on the better your cheek bones look,this is really not the case! Now its time for the Eyes. Lets start with our Eye shadow. Correctly applied eye shadow and eye liner can appear to change the shape of the eye, emphasize the eye or simply add a pop of color! These along with mascara can really add some emphasis to the eye be it dramatic or natural depending on the choice of color. They can also be used individually or stand alone to bring a different look to the eye depending on mood and correct application,lol. There are literally an endless number of combinations of eye enhancments you can do with these eye cosmetics. I realise it's probably not possible to put any of this on with a brush in the Atom Universe game but their are speciality programmes and apps out on the internet for phones and PC's. Maybe Atom could do a version of one of these but if not PRESETS would be better than no make up at all. But if we are to have presets could we have plenty of them ,lol. Lets finish off the look with lips, be it gloss, matt or stain, for those of you that dont know Stain is a temporary dye for the lips which is sometimes flavoured! Yum!!! There is also lipliner to possibly change the apperance of the lips making them look bigger or with concealer making them look smaller. A touch of gloss in the right place can really set a vampy look off to perfection, simple Even though our Avi's have no sense of smell it might be nice to have a perfume bottle too, just to keep the Avi's happy One of the points I am making is that with correct and varied makeup application we can make our Eve's look all the more individual and make our own mark on our Avi's. The guy's can be included in this too, I'm sure some of the Adams would benefit from a bit of guyliner,lol I know there are women in the Atom team and I dont mean to tell anyone how to put on their makeup,lol . My point of this thread is to explain why we need ALL of the makeup applications to give our avi's an individual look without the need for full face customization. But also its something that can be used even after we do get Full Avi customization as well. I'm quite interested what the Atom devs think of this thread and especially if Mandy@AU thinks that this is an idea that can be used with the existing Atom Universe software parameters. As a stopgap custom measure it may give the devs some extra time to work on the full customization that Atom is no doubt already hard at work on. One last idea to add to all this is Makeup packs, There could be three make up packs: a very basic free one for new players, a more complex one for subscribers and an even more complex one that can used together with the other two that can be bought with molecules. This way Atom can continue to make some money off the makeup and further ensure the survival of Atom Universe Additional Edit: I understand that complex makeup would require a close-up of the Avatars face in the Avatar menu.While this would be awesome it would take a lot of development, so if that is not possibe , at this time, could we have Preset make up boxes in the accessories menu. A fast apply version that could be a "click and go" full make up application in a box such as "nightclub make up box 1" or "Office make up box 3" that sort of thing. It wouldnt involve as much individuality but would be a lot easier to put into the existing game and one that could still be used should a more complex make up customisation become available. I really want the Avi's to have make up but also I want it to be as possible for the devs to do as well, so the click and go box idea could come first and maybe later the close up face idea too. Also with the two make up idea's running side by side thats more money that could be made for Atom Universe as well
  3. Yeah I don't know if anyone else is really bothered by this, but the fact that all the hats come with their own hair instead of just going on your head with the hair you have on really sucks. I would have had a cap on for months, but I can't because it takes away my beautiful emo hair and replaces it with some weird super short hair. ._. I'd KILL to have a cap on with my emo hair.
  4. Where is the avatar customization? When is it being worked on?
  5. I'd like to suggest fantastical medieval arms and armor for our avatars, as well as our locomotive objects (horses) if we ever get to that point. I myself was part of a club in pshome comprised of mounted knights, so needless to say I'd be ecstatic if that kind of thing could be made in atom universe as well. Attached are a few examples of concept art which showcase the kinds of things I had in mind, I wholeheartedly appreciate any further suggestions or examples from either admins or other community members as well!
  6. I think important that you improve and add a game for Atom Universe. However, people who like the Atom Universe and PS Home, many of them want to Avatar attractive. I am aware that the AU will be add the customization of avatar later. I want to ask what the Atom Republic are thinking about Avatar. Whether how much priority the customization for making attractive avatars? I think the customization of avatar is key to the success of AU. I think that a lot of people liked the PS Home are felt affection for their avatar. If possible, you should improve the Avatar of Demo more attractive. Whereby I think that supporters of AU will increase.