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Found 4 results

  1. Yeah I don't know if anyone else is really bothered by this, but the fact that all the hats come with their own hair instead of just going on your head with the hair you have on really sucks. I would have had a cap on for months, but I can't because it takes away my beautiful emo hair and replaces it with some weird super short hair. ._. I'd KILL to have a cap on with my emo hair.
  2. Where is the avatar customization? When is it being worked on?
  3. I'd like to suggest fantastical medieval arms and armor for our avatars, as well as our locomotive objects (horses) if we ever get to that point. I myself was part of a club in pshome comprised of mounted knights, so needless to say I'd be ecstatic if that kind of thing could be made in atom universe as well. Attached are a few examples of concept art which showcase the kinds of things I had in mind, I wholeheartedly appreciate any further suggestions or examples from either admins or other community members as well!
  4. I think important that you improve and add a game for Atom Universe. However, people who like the Atom Universe and PS Home, many of them want to Avatar attractive. I am aware that the AU will be add the customization of avatar later. I want to ask what the Atom Republic are thinking about Avatar. Whether how much priority the customization for making attractive avatars? I think the customization of avatar is key to the success of AU. I think that a lot of people liked the PS Home are felt affection for their avatar. If possible, you should improve the Avatar of Demo more attractive. Whereby I think that supporters of AU will increase.