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    Hello Atomians! This week we have some exciting stuff to share with you... Project Nimbus Atom Universe has recently announced its collaboration with Project Nimbus, a high speed mech action game set in a post apocalyptic world. Players control 'BattleFrames' - humanoid battles suits armed with an arsenal of weapons. The Game is available on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/257030/Project_Nimbus/ and will be launching on PS4 early 2018. We will be adding new original Project Nimbus content in the upcoming updates, so Atomians will have an opportunity to explore some of its game characters. New Upcoming Item Additions for Existing DLCs We will be adding 4 new items to most popular existing DLC packs in the upcoming updates. - Hairy clown for the Halloween Items DLC - Shuriken for the Japanese Accessories DLC - Gold shield for the Medieval Accessories DLC - Snow cloud for the Holiday Items DLC These DLCs are dynamic: we will keep refreshing them over time by adding more content. If you already bought the DLCs in the past, you will automatically be given the new items. New Clothing Items This week's clothing updates: - The legendary stylish sneakers never go out of fashion. Available for both Adam & Eve. Choose your favourite colour from our customisation palette. - Polo Shirt with coloured trim and plain Gym T-shirt for Adam. Simple but cool all time classics. - Mermaid Leggings for Eve . If you feel like you're on the wrong side of the ocean (vertically speaking) and seriously supposed to be a mermaid, get these on your legs and start living the dream. - Hello shiny! Rainbow gradient Leggings for Eve is a lovely bright flash of colours. Classy Atomz Club TA- DA! Today we welcome a new Classy Atomz Club in Atom Universe! It's a fantastic bunch of people who stay classy no matter what. The Club is getting their very own private Classy Atomz Plaza with member only access. It will be run and managed by RosieMoon, a popular AU youtuber and live streamer, so feel free to contact Rosie for details on joining the Classy Atomz Club. Bye for now and stay classy!
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    Hey~~~ When it comes to changing the color of clothes, hair, skin or anything I think the color selection needs to change. Like the clothes and extras should have a wide range of selection and the color should show up better. Like you can select a color and it will look darker on the item that is being changed then what it looks like in the selector. Now when you go to change the color of hair I would like actual hair color options like Blonde, Brown, and Red(orange). Like natural colors. Of course I would like other colors as well. Maybe more color options would be cool too. ~~~Photos~~~
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    Congratulations Rosie on the formalisation of the Classy Atomz club on Atom Universe! I am very happy for you and look forward to seeing the club space very soon. Thanks to Atom for working with Rosie on this : ) Here's Rosie's latest video which celebrates a milestone in the history of the Classy Atomz which has existed in a more informal way for over 2 years now : ) Look forward to seeing the club grow and thrive : )
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    Hello Atomians! Our this week's Dev Blog features 1st Limited Edition item, new exciting clothing additions and Halloween Picture Contest winners. Golden Cap Please Welcome limited edition Gold Baseball Cap! Only 50 will ever be available in Atom Universe. Once they're gone, they're gone. It is the 1st item from the Limited Edition Collection so watch this space! Formal Suit & Evening Dress With the festive season truly upon us, it's time get some formal party wear ready. This week we are adding an elegant traditional suit for men and a beautiful evening dress for ladies. Lots of colours to choose from. More Clothing Items Got team spirit? Then our new Varsity Letter Jacket is a must-have for you. Team up with classic pants or tracksuit bottoms for preppy or sporty look. Colour customisation is available. This week's free item is Lemmino Band T-shirt. New items are available from midnight tonight (UK time). Halloween Picture Contest Winners Thank you all who took part in our Halloween Best Party Picture Contest. We have selected 3 winning pictures which were posted on Facebook and Twitter. Teddybear110985, Star_Hawk01 and jojow84 will all be getting 1 month promotional subscription. Bye for now!
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    Hello Atomians! Great News! The new update is now live for EU and North America and it's packed with awesome stuff! So here we go! Halloween Events on 28 and 31 October in the Hub Happy Halloween Everybody! The newly decorated Hub is ready to host parties. 28 October 8pm UK (3pm EST) and 31 October 8pm UK and 8pm EST get ready to rock to the Spooky Halloween Vibes. Don't forget to share your party pics on Facebook & Twitter, there are great prizes to be won! The New Horror Forest is now available as a Private Space A few improvements have been done in The Horror Forrest: light fixes, interactions and new sounds. It is now available as a private space. New Halloween Costumes are Now Available The Vampire and Succubus costumes are an awesome new addition to our Halloween collection of items. Aurora Power-Ups: Time Vortex & Double Vision If you are an Aurora fan, you will surely enjoy 2 new Power-Ups to help you boost your game. Time Vortex slows the flow of time by half and Double Vision reveals twice more Orbs. Bye for now! See you in the Party Hub!
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    HeyHey vic want thx for nice upgrade and rosie great job on video i cant wait see coming next few week
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    Hello Atomians! We are introducing more ways to spend your Atoms: you can now spend your Atoms not only in games but also in the Avatar customisation menu: Atoms can buy you clothes, accessories, dances... As a result, some items which were previously free will require to be purchased with Atoms. In return, we also will be more generous in Atoms giveaways, so watch this space for further announcements!
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    Hello Atomians! Hope you all enjoyed the Halloween Events in the Hub. We've had some great parties with lots of dancing and competitions. Big thank you to our guides for making it fun and enjoyable. This weeks Dev Blog features new clothing and hair update, Advent Calendar DLC, New Aurora Islands & more. New Patch New patch is out tomorrow. We have fixed a few more bugs and improved server stability for a better gaming experience. New Clothing Items & Hair This week we've got some cool new additions: - Spiky Dreadlocks is a new addition to our hair collection and have been voted in by the community. - Hoodie with hood up for Adam and Eve. Both colour customisable. - Trainers with LED Soles for Adam & Eve with customisation option. - Free Glow in the dark yellow stars deely boppers. New items are available from midnight tonight (UK time). Advent Calendar DLC A new Advent Calendar DLC is going on sale this week. Buy the Christmas Star from the Accessories Tab. It includes 24 totally unique items which start unlocking from 01 December and you will be receiving a surprise gift every day of advent. New Aurora Islands Aurora Private Space has been expanded with some new exciting islands to explore! World's Most Popular Costume Chase away the autumnal gloom with a splash of colour and vibrancy! In last week's update we have introduced a beautiful selection of Morph Suits: Plain, Crash Dummy, Funky Tie, Paint Splatted and Strobe Light. Colour customisation is available with 4 of the Morph Suits. Stay tuned! More to come next week!
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    Howdy, if you haven't already, I'd email to Support@Atomrepublic.com and be sure to include your PSN screen name and the name of which outfit you had bought so they'd be able to look you up and see and correct any purchase errors
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    Hi, Thank you for starting this topic. It has not been noted before that if you don't have enough molecules to purchase an item, the dialogue window doesn't show you the price but asks to top up. This issue has already been addressed and changes will come into effect with the new patch. The price of an item will always show along with the message to top up. So you will know exactly how much you need to top as your balance is in the right hand corner.
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    Really loving this update! I've already bought the Aurora power ups and they work a treat! I'm getting nearly 2000 score now instead of 800-900! Although I'm sure experts like Flyleaf could get even more Loving all the new clothing items, especially the jumper - looks really nice and very nice fit as well. Good job on the succubus outfit although I probably won't wear it that often, it's a bit racy for me : ) Like Jigsaw said, I personally would prefer something more like a vampire outfit or maybe just a little jacket with a high collar that we could wear with our other items. But I know the succubus outfit is going to be very popular, as it was on PS Home. Loving the new flower wristband (corsage) and really bright wings too. The metallic tights are great also. But so far the absolutely BEST thing I have discovered is the new dances. This is actually getting quite spooky but I was literally imagining only a day or two ago what it would be like to have the 'chicken dance' in AU and then it's in this latest update!!! It's like the Atom team are reading my mind these last few updates! The mime dance is also hilariously wonderful - I will be using that one a lot! Also the animal ones - these are going to be so fun to use. I really hope one day that we get two-person dance paks and we could have the full version of the chicken dance - would be awesome. And although I know this update is for everyone, for me it comes on a special day so it's like a gift from Atom. Thank you so much for all your hard work - Go Team Atom!!! I agree it's an amazing update - so much in this one. Love your spooky video too - thanks for sharing it
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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN Awesome update Victoria Ohh theres so much going on,lol Horror Forest private space, yess!!! loving it, so Much Halloween stuff, Mettalic leggings (soo cool) , a wooly jumper, just what my Avi need for the cold weather , Succubus outfit, new sneakers for the subscription holders, a Christmas T-shirt too...wait whats that? Glowing wings!!!!!! I'm sure I've missed something ,lol OMG my Boots are in as well, But I'll put that in another thread...but they are just perfect and you will all be getting some very soon as well. Oh I need to sit down In the meantime here's a little something I made this week to wish everybody a HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!! enjoy BEST UPDATE EVER!!!
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    Thats Three of us in very different parts of the world all had the same thing in very recent weeks. Is this the reality of cheap Jet Travel? When we're all staggering around trying to eat eachothers brains dont say I didnt warn you,lol I'm loving the new clothes that have come out and they are all color custom too, even the free T-shirt, so cool ( a free color custom T-shirt is amazing, compare that to other games) The dress is lovely and gives me a chance to wear the sandles again (which I do like). Checkout the Name of the constellation above Tens head With the new stripy Skirt/tights a lot more combo's are now possible too, such as my Halloween outfit, I just need stripy long gloves now,lol I do wish I could have different hairstyles under the witches hat Really looking forward to Halloween on Atom Universe I wonder if we will get a giant pumpkin in Crowbots xD ? (that we can dance on hopefully) Cool quote Jigsaw Love your outfit Abi, you look like your really packing a sting in your tail too, thats one mean butterfly Why are they called BUTTERfly's? Does it have anything to do with actual butter?? I need to know
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    Thanks for the awesome DevBlog Victoria, so many cool things Love the new items being added to DLC packs, very nice and unexpected! Congrats Rosie on the creation of Classy Atomz, and I love the new video Stay Classy.
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    Straight from AU'S Face Book Page - Bling is King! Please Welcome limited edition Gold Baseball Cap! Only 50 will ever be available in Atom Universe. Once they're gone, they're gone. Hurry while the stock lasts! (It wouldn't let me save the picture lolz) Btw it's for 2,000 Molecules Only 47 left after I got 1
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    Yay. I now have something to buy with my 288,204 Atomz! Lolz 😀
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    Jigsaw was not, impressed with the dress, to her it was really not a success, she wished to express, that the dress was a mess, but I must confess the dress had finesse, but never the less Jigsaw did express, a degree of depress of this poor dress, will the devs reassess , Jiggy's unkindness? For them this is a something of a transgress, will jigsaw suppress what she saw as most less, or will she remain in a state of undress? Personally I thought it was ok
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    Since there been A few Glow / Neon items being made, here's some of my own ides for any future Glow / Neon items https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884886058493348&l=72937caf7e This is A Pic of Glow Sticks, which can be either long or short in the pic and can be several different colors like Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow Etc. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884886031826684&l=5c36b849de Glow Neon T shirts in various colors https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885995160021&l=6b438efc4e A Glow Ravers Lighting strike T Shirt https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885958493358&l=526d7d6efc Glow Neon Finger tip lights https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885951826692&l=e30c9eb142 Glow sticks in various colors https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885955160025&l=7e803ed918 Glow Hoodies in Red or White (Or other colors) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885948493359&l=e65cd4c0cb A Fancy Glow Neon Dress - If made right, this would be Awesome. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1884885981826689&l=423a07f7df This one could be made As an Glow Neon outfit, since it wraps itself around the body
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    Yea, I kinda figured that after going thru the hub and saying "Where's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Lolz Yea, I saw the lake house when I looked to see if the Horror space was buyable or not (Which it is) Ah ok, didn't know what an advent calendar was (See there's actually A few things that even I don't know lolz ) As Vicky had said that wasn't suppose to appear on their yet (Somebody Goofed) so yea 24 items for 1200 Molecules does sound semi worth it, depending on what those items are. And....0.o what or who charges twice for handheld items? If I had to guess it's most likely the 1 who shall remain nameless lolz
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    Awesome video Abi I didn't know the Subway could be accessed from the Research Centre, Thanks for that, cool shades btw
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    I've seen quite a few people asking about how to find the JFC VC Subway Station, so I've made a 'How To' video - hope it helps people to get there : )
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    Sorry to hear you are so sick Kimo - hope you feel better very soon! It's not fun being unwell. I caught a head cold on the weekend - no idea how and I haven't had a cold or flu in a long time. Anyway, hope you feel better and then you can change that emoji to a happy one ; )
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    There was some hairstyles and among other things from the Anime series. While I don't remember who originally made them wanna say Konami but is most likely wrong lolz. The Idol style glow / anime hair that Abiatha shown in her video (Awesome Btw ) was pretty much the same hairstyles but The Glow / Animated versions were made by Hell Fire Games. And yes NDreams made the Blue Print Home space.
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    I have proposed changing the colours for Aurora as it seems a bit mad to have gold for silver and red for gold. LOL. But that's the way it was on ps home though.
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    I'm really loving these Rainbow color leggings, so my sort of thing. We're getting a rather awesome wardrobe now as well with some great combo's being possible. I like the mix of these Leggings with the Gradient T-shirt and glowing trainers. As the Winter draws in and the days grow shorter its nice to have some bright colors to cheer us up
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    On the Orb runner game - Idk if this is really A bug or not lolz It was only 10 Atoms to play and now I've noticed that when you click to buy / pay to play, it actually say do you wanna pay 25 atoms to play orb runner?? When did it increase to 25?!?!
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    Hi All, There is a little issue with the Evening Dress. It will get fixed in the next patch in time for Winter Ball lol.
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    The Golden Caps are officially gone, so if you didn't grab 1 within the past 2 days, you snooze you lose lolz Idk why I had any high hopes of that evening gown actually looking even remotely decent looking....But I will say while it's semi A step in the right direction, it's still A swing and A miss. While I was looking at said dress, I just so happened to noticed that there was some stuff actually listed being sold as Atoms?!?! Wait....What?!?! While I know this was A topic of discussion lately, but I'm not too sure if this is Legit or not cause I saw some of the items listed for buy with Atoms which were some of the Free items. Most notably the Glow wrist band and those smiley heads were all Free items given out within the past few months....so why are they listed as buy using Atoms?!?!
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    Hi. I would suggest a change to the EMOJI query configuration. Every time I enter ATOM, I have to choose my EMOJI preferably, I think it would be interesting if this was a fixed configuration, for example, that is how it is in choosing the avatar clothes, accessories and etc. This effect of "reset" in the choice of EMOJI, occurs every time I go to another session (from HUB to AURORA, for example) or I leave the game. Please, if it is possible, I think it would be interesting to change that. Greetings.
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    Very nice update I want see homelingz outfit and head i want hamster can wear hat that make christmas come true
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    Where has you been? I haven't seen you in AU Acrade Plaza.. waah
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    I'm enjoying this update very much, couldn't make it for the 28th party but maybe the 31st I can be there I have to say though that I hope bug fixing is back on priority list, I dunno about PS4 but I'm having alot of issues on PC with game crashes etc.
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    Hi Guys, Thank for your feedback again. It means a lot There has been quite a lot of crashes while travelling between spaces with new update and it is likely due to video streaming in most public spaces. This is being looked into. As for Advent Calendar DLC - well ... It is a really cool DLC we have planned out for Christmas. It consists for 24 items which start unlocking every day from 1st December. It should not have been visible to anyone but some items appeared in store. The DLC have been quickly disabled but a few people have purchased it. I will be contacting them to explain what happened. One last thing I forgot to mention, the Hub decorations will be turned on for Events this week-end and Thuesday 31 October. Happy Halloween!
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    What a huge update! New Dances, new clothes, its nice to see the new subscription stuff too New accessories as well and the Private space Horror forest (that would have made life easier during filming for my video, the amount of takes that got blown because of someone coming into my shot, was still fun to do though) and we still have Lakeside View to look forward to as well. Thanks Victoria and thanks Atom Universe
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    I think that there is another update coming Jigsaw - I think this is kind of like Part 1 and Part 2 is still to come. So yes, there were no Halloween decorations in the Hub yet but I think that's still to come. I think the Lake House might be coming in Part 2 as well, because it's on the menu but not available yet. An Advent calendar is like those calendars where you open a window or flap every day until Christmas. So I am very interested to see what this means on AU! There was a problem with the purchase of this however (I've emailed Atom support) so perhaps it's not ready yet because it's a Christmas DLC, although the snowflake tshirt was available. I was wondering about the wristband too - we should be able to wear them on either wrist and both if we want. Also same for any hand held items like the chainsaw. I guess that is coming in future updates. I hope we don't have to pay for handheld items twice like you have to on a certain other virtual world on PS4 - outrageous!
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    Horror Forest now A private space 0.0 might be tempted to buy, unless it's another subscription only. I wish there was A female Vampire outfit others might like that outfit, just not for me. Nice to see the Aurora powers up making A return though
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    Good handy video, I wanted to do exactly the same, I spent time finding it. Thanks for doing it
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    The Glow eyes....well Glows and you can change it's color. Zombie eyes appears to be like Ghost eyes (Where you can't see the actual eye) and I don't think you can change the color on this one.
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    A few annoying crashed will be fixed by this weeks update. Let me know what you think once it's live.
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    That was my point exactly why are we racking up X amount of Atomz to do what with them....other then just to look at them lolz If they do what 4 Kingz or Avakin Life does and have A few private spaces here n there for X amount of Atomz, then yea ppl wouldn't have to do much to earn then on AU, just simply log in. Sure when they eventually open up the rest of the hub areas, we'd have lots of Atomz to finally try out everything....but until then, we're kinda saving them for A rainy day lolz
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    I've noticed that also, I'd be like what you I already got all items, it's A new day, wanted to reach thru the slot and punch that lady in her nose lolz So technically we don't get to pass go and collect our 200 but somehow we still get 15....meh lolz
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    Yes, it's always done that as well - you miss a day, you go back to the start with 15 atoms. The trouble is, the 24 hour clock doesn't seem quite right to me. Sometimes I go on exactly the same time the next day and it says I've already got the 10 items, but if I wait too many hours after that, I miss a day. I've given up trying to understand it! There's not a lot of incentive to play the Lost and Found game really :/
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    Thank you Ayax I had a good time hanging out despite being very sick. I posted pics on FB of us doing the Flash dance too
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    Well....we do have to hunt each of the 10 items down each time like A treasure hunt so lolz Oh another thing that I forgot to mention and noticed that if you're on say like Day 5 / Day 10 (like it says on the board) if you somehow were to skip a day, it drops you back down to day 1. Gonna assume that's broken with it also lolz
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    Yeh, I don't think those prizes have ever worked, in my experience, since the game was introduced. Lol, treasure hunt! I suppose finding people's lost phones, teddy bears and backpacks is a kind of treasure hunt : ) I think someone in the Hub was complaining about this yesterday.