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    Greetings Atom Universe Community, I bet you have all noticed the peeps walking around in Atom Universe with a big info icon above their avatars head and wondered; "Who are they" and, "What sort of role do they play in Atom Universe?" Well, you can rest assured, because I am about to lay down the FAQs! The users you see in Atom Universe with a "Guide" icon above their heads are our new Atom Universe Guides! The Atom Universe Guides are volunteers and fellow players, that can help you with your inquiries and give you information about the Atom Universe game. They are there to answer your questions to the best of their knowledge, and if they don't know the answer they will point you in the right direction so you can find an answer. So, please take some time to say hello if you see them in-game and without further ado, here is a list of our current Atom Universe Guides. Atom Universe Guides: bestscreenname xSo_Pixelicioius Pokemon_Mew_24 Steeler-Nation69 Aynen MuirDragonne Gundyrat FlammableAce StarDefenderSonn rjsk8ter Hjhjhhjhj GuardianHawk PoisonPreed walter_white-787 luukhoekstra
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    Guess what Atomians? IT'S UPDATE TIME! Version will be released today at 1:30pm (UK time) and it contains all this lovely lovely stuff! Remember I told you something exciting was coming? Well get ready, there's lots to read... Right here, right now! We are so overwhelmingly excited to tell you all about this new improvement. It is now possible to change your outfit and buy new items without having to leave the space you are in! That's right, the menu to do this is now on the touchpad button (or space for PC users), meaning instant access to your wardrobe. Change your outfit to match your mood or your destination. Show your allegiance to your friends by sporting the same cool accessory. Be the darling couple of AU by coordinating your date outfits. Compare your latest purchases, and show off your extensive collection. Like what you see? Buy it and put it on straight away! And best of all avoid that horrible moment when you realise you and someone else are wearing the same dress! You can also change your gender and skin tone in this menu. Customise on the fly with our new player menu. So many creative possibilities now unlocked and available to you, wherever you are in Atom Universe! We think this is pretty handy, and we hope you do too! Would you like to see the menu? There are other improvements to the menus that we need to tell you about. Quite a bit has changed about the way you access many of the features, so spread the word and help people out if they get confused! We have two menus in the game, one is called the Player Menu, and the other is the Action Menu. Use the Action Menu if you want to pose, dance or change your emoji/flag. Press square (or Tab for PC users) and use the menu in the same way you have before. We have simplified this menu so that you can get to the section you want much quicker. Use the Player Menu (press touchpad or space) to buy items, customise your avatar, access the social features, view your stickerbook or travel to other spaces. If you were wondering about chat, it's still on triangle (or Alt for PC users), that hasn't changed. At first it might take a little getting used to, but enjoy your new menus! There's More to Explore in Aurora Private Islands Your own Private Aurora just got bigger! We have added a cluster of three new islands, providing more tranquil space, a picnic spot and a funky dancefloor! This new improved space also includes exclusive furniture items. Gather around the campfire, set out your beach furniture and watch the glorious fireworks decorate the beautiful night-time sky. Bring your friends to enjoy this wonderful space! It's a lovely surprise for those who supported us by buying Aurora Private Islands, thank you for your contribution to Atom Universe! Spinning Around We have a new toy for you to play with! Visit Arcade Plaza or The Hub and seek out the new fidget spinner game. Test your button-pressing prowess and set your fastest speed! Compete with other users by making it onto the global leaderboard! Or just use it to pass the time while you wait for your friends. 90s Dances Here comes another dance pack! This one contains 6 kitsch dances to throw you back to the 90s. You 'can't touch' it for it's retro feel. The pack comes with an iridescent version of the urban boots, which look super cool. There's some great party moves in there, so get the whole room involved, 'strike a pose' and 'jump on it'! TOUCHDOWN!!! The football season kicked off at the weekend with the start of the pre-season exhibition games. You might already have a favourite team, but how about supporting #TeamAtom by wearing our own football jersey? Available for Adam and Eve, you can customise the colours to create your 'away' strip too! You can pair it up with these striped sweatpants for Adam when you are not out on the field, and here's a cute plain version of the pleated skirt for Eve; it's colour customisable so you can match it to your team's colours and become a punky cheerleader! Travel 1st Class We have added Aurora and the Urban Apartment to the quick travel menu on the START tab. It's a handy way to get straight into game as quickly as possible and now you have more options to choose from. Some other bits and bobs... It's Good to Stay Active This patch sees the introduction of an inactivity timer. If you do nothing for 1 hour you will see a message with a countdown. If you want to stay in the space you can cancel the message, and carry on as normal! If you don't cancel it, you will be whisked back to the main menu. Be aware- this will also happen if you are dancing, posing or have opened a menu and you are not doing anything else, like interacting with the menu or chatting for example. Moving around or interacting with the space will also reset the timer, so chances are you will never see the inactivity message, as you are all busy little bees! We are doing this to make sure we don't have any pesky servers hanging around with one 'afk'(or absent) player inside. We want to make sure that our servers are lively spaces with a positive vibe, especially when new people arrive. Pitching up to an empty space with one non-responsive player in it is not the most welcoming experience! All in Moderation... We have improved our moderation tools so that we can more effectively help people who are having an unpleasant time in the game. Now if we ban a player they will be removed from the space they are in, meaning the ban becomes effective immediately. We have also added another element to the 'block' feature. Now if you block someone their Avatar will be hidden, as well as their chat. If they were bothering you by following you around...BLOCK and be gone We have some other new tools available to us as well that we are not going to go into details about here, and also further plans to improve our reporting feature. So watch out trolls! User Profile Have a look at your new User Profile which is available to view on the Settings tab of the main menu. Here you can see some details about your account, including your display name/ID, the date you created it, and the status- for example if you are currently banned that would appear here. Bug Fixes Music from the video screens in Woodland House is now muted. Improvements to items: Crab Claw reward now moves with the hand. Tracksuit bottoms no longer clip through long shirts. Zip skirt is now properly colour customisable. Known Issues Clothing/accessories sometimes do not display when you go to the Customise menu. Press refresh (touchpad or space) to reveal them.
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    Hi there! This week's dev blog features the latest subscriber items; plus more content is released into the game at midnight tonight (UK time), and we have something completely new to tell you about! This Month's Subscriber Treats We have a brand new item for Adam, a colour-customisable polo shirt. You have our official permission to rock that smart-casual vibe, it is dress-down Friday after all! We bring Eve her own version of the popular stripy zipped trousers. Again these are colour customisable, choose which colour to compliment the black stripes. Red looks good, or green, or turquoise or purple or...you get the picture! This month's moves for subscribers includes 'The Slide' dance (you should recognise this one), plus an 'OK' and a shocked pose. Like O-M-G! Bikinis are here! Hurrah! It's time to cheer as we have two brand new bikinis in game for all you lovely Eve players. Feast your eyes on these two cheeky designs, we have a fruit pattern and a sunshine pattern. Guaranteed to brighten your day! This is a completely new style of bikini, a little less sporty, and a bit more beach ready. The little ties on the bottoms are sooooo cute! The top and the bottom are separate garments, so you can wear them as a complete outfit or mix and match them with your other favourite items. What's more, they're customisable so you can choose your favourite colour! For Adam we have these quirky logo t-shirts, available in patterned sleeve and plain sleeve versions. They look a little like pyjamas, so pair them with the sweatpants, get comfy and settle down for a sleepover! Snap and chat! Get your selfie face ready for these beauties! Strike a pose with the butterfly crown for subscribers or the flower crown available to all! They are both colour customisable and look (I believe the expression is...) - on fleek! You might remember our poll winner from June was the straw fedora, well here it is! This classy little number is perfect for those long summer days, team it with a pair of sunglasses for a masterclass in cool. We also have a cute little checkerboard wristband available to everyone for free! Oh yeah! Shiny New Ideas - Clubs We are delighted to announce that we are taking our first steps towards a clubs feature in Atom Universe. We have started by providing a clubhouse space for one of our communities. It's still very early days, so at the moment it is just a space to explore. But we hope as it develops the clubs feature will be able to deliver what our communities need; helping them thrive. Some lucky users will be able to go on a tour of the new Research Center from tonight at midnight (UK time) if they are part of the community that contributed it. It will be accessible to all subscribers during our open house weekend on 16th and 17th September. The Research Center is a unique space, chosen by the community involved and brought to us ready to go. If you are interested in starting a community in Atom Universe and getting access to your own clubhouse, you could start by having a look on the Unreal Marketplace (or similar sites) for inspiration of the kinds of spaces that you could bring to the game. Then contact us to propose your ideas and find out about how we can collaborate to bring it to life. You provide the space, we can put it in the game! Send us a message via clubs@atomrepublic.com to find out more. Bundles We are pleased to announce that bundles are coming to Europe! They are now available to all PS4 users via the PS Store. If you are just getting started or know someone who is just dipping their toe into the AU waters these are a great value way to kickstart your collection of items. DLC Bundle - Contains Japanese Pack, Halloween Pack and Medieval Pack of items. Taster Bundle - Contains 1 Month Premier Subscription, 199 Molecules, Japanese Pack of items. Total Bundle - Contains 1 Year Premier Subscription, 3999 Molecules, Japanese pack, Halloween Pack and Medieval Pack of items. Sign up for our email updates Is your email ready for this? As well as our newsletter we also send out vital communications via email, plus information about offers and gifts for you. Make sure you have an email registered with us so that we can keep in touch. If you haven't done it already, you can register and verify your email when you first log in to Atom Universe. Enter your email into the box and click register email. Click verify email; then check you email, click the verification link and you are all done! Tune in! We hope you are enjoying the latest music in the Arcade Plaza. We love the original music we are able to bring you- don't forget to support the artists by wearing their t-shirt in game. Check out a snippet of our current playlist below! Veela: Majesty AudioBruz: For the Good, For the Better Bonnie X Clyde: The Ride Crystal knives: Wylin Dance with the dead: Blind Known Issues We are still aware of the lag issues encountered in busy spaces, and so maximum server sizes will remain reduced while we work on this.
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    Hey guys. I sort of asked this a while back when Atom Universe was first starting up, and I seemed to get a lot of replies from people who really wanted Xi to make a return. I only recently found out about Aurora coming back, and so now I'm just visualizing how amazing a new Xi on Atom Universe could be. For those that might now know, Xi was originally on Playstation Home and was pretty much the very first console-based alternate reality game; meaning that it sort of reached into the real world; allowing players to work together to solve mysteries and reach the end. Just some food for thought, but I'd really like to know what you guys would think. Maybe if enough people speak up and ask for Xi, it'll be considered as yet another upcoming addition. Or at the very least, maybe we could just get a recreation of Xi Museum as another place for people to just hang out.
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    Hi there! It’s hard to believe that Atom Universe will celebrate its first year this month - on the 23rd September, to be precise! It’s been such an exciting journey and we are really grateful for your support. You guys are awesome! In this week’s blog we will share with you some of our memories of this adventure and give you some hints on the awesome things we have been planning to celebrate the big day. We also have a surprise for every AU player, exciting news about one of our featured artists, plus some new items in the game from midnight tonight! You can read more about these below. So Many Memories... We were so thrilled when we achieved our Kickstarter target back in April 2015. We always knew that our fans were really behind us and the backers were truly amazing. It was time to start turning Atom Universe into reality! Many of you will remember our concept art from those days, but in case you missed it... As well as building the environment, the next big challenge was bringing the Avatars to life. Not an easy task for us poor humans without any godlike powers! Pixel by pixel, from a generic head and body to Adam and Eve. So many crazy outfits, so many competitions, so many design ideas from our community, so many Block Parties! Such a brilliant year. It’s Party Time! It’s been such an amazing adventure so far, and yet it’s just the beginning of a long and awesome journey together. You constantly inspire us with your enthusiasm, suggestions and ideas and we’re looking forward to expanding the universe. It’s time for celebrations! One day wouldn’t be enough, get ready a few weeks of fun (and new content!). And save the date for the 23rd September (and the whole weekend)! So to get you in the party mood, here's a lovely surprise for everyone... Free 2 week subscription for all! So the celebrations start here! Log in to the game any time this weekend (9th and 10th September) and you will be rewarded with a free 2-week subscription. The subscription will start as soon as you log in so you can take advantage of all the subscriber perks straight away. Subscribers have access to extra spaces, clothing, accessories, dances and poses for the length of the subscription, so you can kit yourself out in a new outfit and bust out some special moves! Everyone get line dancing! But not only do subscribers get extra items and spaces, they also get 10% off all in-game purchases. So your molecules go further while you are a subscriber. Time to treat yourself to something awesome! Don't forget, the new Research Center club space will be available to all subscribers on 16th and 17th September when we host an open house. So take advantage of your free subscription to get a sneak peek at this new space. You can read more about the Research Center in dev blog #72. Another First For Atom Universe - Altered Sky Party! This weekend check out the Arcade Plaza for our very first 'rock block'! It's a space dedicated to the music of one of our favourite artists - Altered Sky. We are so excited about this, and so are and Altered Sky! Check out the Altered Sky facebook page for more details. All are welcome, and don't forget to wear your Altered Sky t-shirt to show your support. We want to say a massive thanks to the band for sharing their music with us all! Shopping Spree! We have been looking forward to getting these next few items in the game for a while! First of all, check out these awesome skull t-shirts for Adam and Eve! We love their style, a little grungy, a little mysterious and totally ROCK! We have a new pair of hotpants that come with knee high boots for Eve and a pair of shorts with a palm tree design for Adam. All are colour customisable and a brilliant addition to your AU wardrobe! Plus we have some non-customisable versions of two of our most popular shirts. The basketball top for Adam and the cheerleader crop top for Eve. If you haven't already bought one of these, maybe we can tempt you with these black versions. Because black goes with everything Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and hope you enjoy the new items See you on the dance floor!
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    I was thinking about having outdoor Cafe's that play music throughout Atom Universe, like in shopping malls and bowling allies, parks, etc. Sitting with friends and chatting while out and about in AU would be awesome! You could even put in a Coastline beach area with cafe's and Volleyball area's and shopping, even maybe scooters to scoot around on with a friend and have fun ! One would even be awesome in Atom Republic Park when it opens too What do you think? I know it would be awesome to see:
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    Crowbots will be returning ;). Since it's been gone a while I'm guessing they have been giving it a make over. It worked fine in the closed alpha other than a slight problem with the emissive red material.
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    Happy Birthday Atom Universe!!! Wow, when I think back to the first exciting days of the demo and the closed alpha, it's amazing how far the Universe has come. I remember seeing Adam and Eve for the first time - I was so impressed at how realistic they looked. Also the Mirage House and the tantalising pics of the Woodland House and Cave House as well - it was so exciting! We have so many beautiful spaces to use now, with nice furniture, day/night cycles, and some great clothing, dances, poses and not forgetting the minigames which work really well! It is a joy to use this game because not only does it look amazing but the quality of the gameplay is great too, aside from a few minor probs now and then which always seem to get fixed promptly! The Atom team has done and continues to do a stellar job and I, for one, am very thankful. Atom Universe is definitely my new home on console : ) Here is a memory from February 2016 - a lot of us were on the PC back then : ) I do wonder though about the PC version of AU though, as I've mentioned myself before and Aya has raised here. I still think it's amazing to have a game that's cross platform but I wonder will the PC version of AU be continued? I hope so for our friends on there as it's the only way they have to meet up with us and take part in events too. I still use both the PC and PS4 versions of AU so I know how it feels on the PC version not having the latest spaces and items. The PC version used to always be ahead of the PS4 version but now it seems to be like the poor cousin, mainly because of people not being able to buy anything. Is this because the game is still in Early Access? The game is in EA on PS4 too but we can buy things. There must be some solution to this and there are PC players who are keen to subscribe and buy things. Compare my pic from Feb 2016 to this one taken recently - the avis look even better and we have a wide range of clothing, hairstyles, so much added functionality. I keep pinching myself at how nice everything is! I just totally love the feel of being on Atom Universe : ) And how lucky we are to have new recreated versions of our favourite Aurora spaces - totally unexpected but soooo wonderful! Things I would LOVE to see in the near future are (not in any order) 1. Crowbots re-opening 2. Treasure Island (if that is still being made) 3. The addition of blinking of the eyes to the avatar's head (if this is possible) - it would make a huge difference to the realism of the avatars! 4. PC subscription working 5. Some kind of multiplayer rides and games (eg racing cars or bumper cars) 6. PC quality settings options Things I would love to see into the future: 1. Space customisation with some new furniture items we can buy 2. Avatar customisation - this is really important to most people. I actually like Eve how she is but I can see a lot of guys are not happy with the Adam avatar - he is very 'beefcake'. Perhaps a selection of different avi body types could be added if customisation is a long way off. 3. The ability to hold items in the hand, such as a sword, a mobile device So thank you once again Atom for such a wonderful place as Atom Universe. A big Happy Birthday and congratulations on getting to where we are now. Not only is it a great game but there is a wonderful community spirit in AU which has developed since way back in the kickstarter days and has continued to the present. I will continue to support Atom Universe and look forward to seeing where this next year will take us all : )
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    Cool update Mandy The 1st year celebrations are looking good I love the new crop top and the Boots Shorts combo too, heres a pic of a friend and Myself in our fabulous new gear The boots and shorts are a great combo and a welcome addition to our wardrobe. The new crop tops are especially cool because they are black but the "Atom Universe" can be read, when we color the other croptop black the writing cannot be read so I'm glad you gave us this one The Avi's are great and when we get full avi customisation Eve will be a hard act to follow and after all this time I am going to miss her too The two week free subscription is a nice idea and at last one of my friends will have some new stuff, if only for a while, as she is a PC user and as you know the PC shop has been closed for a while now. I really would like you to open PC store soon, I feel really bad for her when I'm showing her my new stuff after an update and I know she wants new stuff too and even though I'm excited about having new clothes I feel so tactless saying "Hey look at my outfit" so for the next two weeks she'll have some new gear and dances too The new skull t-shirts are awesome (skulls are always cool) but I was wondering what type of human they are because to me they appear to be the " Trollofensis" a distant ancestor of ours who had an ape like face and a very small brain often kept in its Inter-gluteal cleft and not in its skull at all. This shameful ancestor would spend its time annoying other creatures by mocking, insulting and provoking them, this awful behaviour included inflammatory comments and spamming the forums and servers of the times. Previously thought to be extinct it appears that some have survived to present day but with Invisi-blocking and swift rule enforcment hopefully they wont survive long .The quicker they go the way of the Dodo the better ( Warning: I am not a doctor of anything and totally made all that up)
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    Good morning/afternoon/evening my lovely Atomians! Well I did say that I would be back with exciting news this week, but sadly I'm gonna have to keep that juicy info in for a wee bit longer. I hope you can contain your excitement! In the meantime here's what we have in store for you this week - going live at midnight tonight! T-shirt Treats We've got two new t-shirt designs to delight you. Check out the ink splats and the fade designs. Each one is colour customisable and available for Adam and Eve. See what beautiful combinations you can create. We haven't left out the bottom half, don't worry! Adam has some new swimming shorts and Eve has a pair of fade leggings. I'm not really sure if the fade leggings and the fade t shirt will go together or not...is anyone brave enough to try? xD Emoj-ional There's a new emoji head for you and it's free! That makes a collection of 6 for when you feel like hiding behind a fake smile/frown/laugh. This one has a mischievous winking face, so go and give someone a giggle with your cheeky expression! Ok that's it from me, I'm going to scurry off and keep working on next week's update. Have a lovely weekend, Peace out! Bug Fixes All that noise! We have removed the video soundtrack from most of the private spaces so that you can once again enjoy them in peace. Woodland House will get the same treatment in the next patch.
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    Hello dearest Atomians! How was your week? Let us give it a boost with our latest lovely dev blog, full of exciting news about what's coming up next in Atom Universe. We'll be releasing new items into the game tonight at midnight, launching our latest competition and teasing our birthday plans; plus let's have a catch up about last week's exciting activities! Getting Excited...! IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY SOON! We are getting really excited here at Atom HQ and we cannot wait to show you all the awesome things we have planned. We want you to celebrate with us, so you can expect lots of gifts, birthday related items, spaces to decorate, special sales, and a huge party in a very special location! We are not telling you too much just yet...but keep Saturday 23rd September free so that you can join us for the greatest party Atom Universe has ever seen! Look out for patch coming really soon; once it drops all the exciting birthday stuff will explode into the game! I'll give you one clue...it might include cake Tell us your memories and win a prize! We know you have some amazing memories of your time here in Atom Universe, and as we approach our first birthday we want you to share them with us! Take part in our latest competition to win an individualised bundle of clothing and accessories. More details can be found on our facebook page. We can't wait to hear/see your fondest memories! Good Luck! The Sky's the Limit! So who LOVED our Altered Sky event last Saturday? We did!!! If you missed it, we hosted a 24hr Altered Sky video marathon. Altered Sky are one of the most popular artists playing music in our game, and we want to say a big thank you to the band, their management, and to all of you for joining us! We hope to host more occasions like this in the future, so make sure you vote for your favourite artists in the poll in the Arcade Plaza. And if you joined us last weekend you were given a FREE GIFT of a two-week subscription. We hope you are enjoying all the extra cool perks you have access to! Make the most of your subscription while it lasts and visit the shop to grab your 10% discount on all molecule prices! If you missed out this time, don't worry, we will do this again in the future. Keep an eye on our social media for details! Free Veela T-Shirt This month's free music t-shirt is for the wonderful Veela! The logo has a classy minimalist look, and the shirt is colour customisable, so get creative! Grab your free T-shirt, add it to your collection and show your support for our amazing artists! What to wear..? Last week we brought you a basketball top, now here comes a pair of basketball shorts to finish off Adam's outfit! Or maybe it's not quite finished off unless you wear the basketball head too! These are colour customisable, you can even change the colour of the stripe! We also have a cute pair of skinny shorts and a plain pair of jeans with a zipped design for Eve, plus a t-shirt with a cheeky little pocket design for Adam. These are all colour customisable so match them with your favourite outfit. Research Center Open House 16th/17th Sept A few weeks ago we introduced the Research Centre, a space for one of our communities. This weekend in collaboration with the community that brought it to the game we are giving all subscribers the chance to visit. It will appear in the list of public spaces, so don't be shy, take a trip, explore and discover this new exclusive space. You can read more about the Research Center in Dev Blog #72 And don't forget that if you took advantage of our free two-week subscription promotion last weekend, then this means YOU can visit the Research Center! Next week we will be announcing all the birthday news so make sure you read next week's dev blog for more info, it's going to be a really juicy one! Have fun out there!
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    Hello everyone! Since Halloween will soon be coming around in October and many people want a eerie atmosphere especially in Atom Universe , I thought to start this thread where everyone is welcome to post idea's of what you would like to see here that hopefully Atom Republic will see and consider using our ideas into the game! I will also add to this post some ideas I thought of so far: Eerie music Cobwebs evil voices (ghosts,vampires, witches etc.) Fog Evil laugh as you enter a place Just some of my idea's so far, I will add onto as I think of more Best Regards Rob
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    Thanx for posting that video Abi, Loved it! Brought back alot of fun memories, I didn't know about the glitch in Crowbots though Guess I didn't poke around too much cause of red light thingo :/
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    My apologies Aya, I misread the posts - it was very early morning - that's my only excuse lol. Luke is Flammable Ace, head of AviLife. The segways were fun but didn't work that well, so I'm not surprised they put them aside. Would love to see skateboards or some other LMOs in AU eventually, although only The Hub space and The Mirage space probably really needs them in the sense of getting around a bit quicker. Actually would love to have some LMOs in the Mirage space - would be fun : ) I did like the red in Crowbots as well, but there was a glare problem, not sure what caused it - it made seeing things a bit difficult at times. I actually liked the blue of the Music Unlimited space but I get what you are saying about it feeling cold.
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    I really liked the feel of Crowbots, except for the red glare. I actually preferred it to the Arcade - not sure why but think it was because it's round and I liked the ceiling in there. Yes, you could glitch it because it was still in its early stages. You could actually go right through the wall - you can see that in this video I made a while ago. From what I have heard, Crowbots is coming back, better than ever : ) Great photos Luke : ) Maybe if they don't want to have a different night club, they could turn Crowbots into a Roller Derby Rink ; )
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    Yes Crowbots was in closed alpha, I remember some problems being: Too much red light when looking from certain angles. Dance-off game wasn't installed yet. And was a lil plain on outer ring of room. Maybe they're giving it a total make over, can't say for sure though. Hope it comes back, would be a great hangout spot
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    I agree with all of Abi's points and would like to draw attention to the first one: Why isnt Crowbots open? It looks really good on the demo and as its already in the Hub it would be part of that same space. Could one of you Atom veterans tell me if it was in the closed Alpha cos I don't know, but if it was then isn't the coding there to put it into this game? (if thats how it works, I have no idea) even if it had the same music as the Arcade at least we could use it. It's a great looking place and seems a shame not to have it as a part of today's game. I know most of you dont need to see a pic of Crowbots to remember it but in case there's any new players out there who didnt know it was an open working place I have put these in Our Avi's cant blink?? I didnt know :/ lol !How awful! That must burn, please let them blink
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    I don't remember the exact date atm, but I know it came to PC 1st
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    Happy Birthday Atom Universe + Atom Republic! It's truly amazing how far this game has come since the kickstarter and the start of early access (I still remember the first songs that were added into the Arcade and the exictement of the Hub opening!) and how the menu, clothing, features (like sticker book) places, emotes etc. have evolved as the game has went on is truly impressive! I feel at home when I play Atom Universe with such a great community (in which I have made a lot of friends!) and a nice set of guides to help new players and even people who are coming back to Atom find their way around! The game is going strong and I can only see it getting better from here, I am exited for the future of this game, ever so much appreciated for all the hardwork you put into Atom Universe and thank you so much for the free 2 weeks sub too! Sub defo offers more possibilities I found and adds to the experiance! Awesome that Altered Sky have their own Arcade Plaza dedicated to them too! Awesome band which im glad has a place in Atom!
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    HeyHey Hammy Birthday thx for great time now we need get bunch homelingz on here maybe bring outfit one thing i love see hamster wear hat or crowns keep great job
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    I know, I am a bit confused as well about the date. I checked my diary and AU opened for me (Australia) on 19 September 2016 (I think Canada was first but not sure of the date) and then to NA and SA on 23 September. It was released to EU on 28 September 2016. I guess it means a month long celebration starting now I will be celebrating on the 19th anyway but maybe there's an AU party happening on the 23rd? Sure is Rosie, lots of great memories looking back and lots more to make in the future : ) AU just keeps getting better and better - Atom are amazing and our community is awesome : )
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    Hi Rosie, good to see you back on the forum Isnt it the 1st Birthday on the 23rd ? Or did Atom come to different regions on different dates? Which one is it today?lol Happy Birthday in case it is and I'll say another one on the 23rd
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    Happy B-Day AU Thank you for providing a new place to hangout so quikly after Home closed. Thank you to the support staff and moderation team who've been so helpful when I needed it. I'll try my best to be around to see the band server, sounds really neat
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    I mean Let's go Ska-Gaga(Ska-Crazy) type of Parties where everyone shows up with their cool-crazy-extreme any era checkered attires(anything you can think of). I'll show-up in my Doc Martens checkered boots
  27. 3 points
    If you saw these boots for sale in the wardrobe would you buy them? I'm pitching an idea to the devs and I could do with some feedback on how popular these boots would be. Sensible feedback would be appreciated
  28. 3 points
    I will have to ask Nio0 what he means, lol. Wow, you are very knowledgeable about different dances and music : )
  29. 3 points
    I thought I'd show a color version of these boots to just give an idea of what alternative's there could be. Its just a rough drawing and the texture isnt finished, the texture is supposed to be a matt suede finish and not shiny at bottom likeit is on the picture. I know bright pink is quite loud and not really what some of us would wear IRL (some would,lol) bu this is a VR and many of us do wear a brighter color scheme in a VR in an effort to stand out a bit, or just for fun. Not sure why the pics come out so big I got post image set to its smallest size :/
  30. 3 points
    I would love to see a halloween apartment. Wish you could bring cutteridge estate but I doubt it. Would love a haunted house with full sound fx and maybe a cemetary out front or in back.
  31. 3 points
    I don't think NR failed their kickstarter, they cancelled it before it ended like neotopia did, but probably partly for the same reason - they knew they weren't going to hit their goal. I'm not naive enough to think the much lower amount Atom pitched for their KS is the amount of money they needed to start making the game, but it was a good business decision because they reached the first goal and got a fair way to the stretch goal as well and that not only inspired confidence in the community but showed they had vision and could reach their goals. Involving the community in that way also helped build a really supportive, caring community. By cancelling their KS in favour of a mysterious independent funder, NR shut out its community and created this kind of black hole where no one knew what was going on except an elite few. Just my opinion, but I feel they did everything the wrong way, including the disastrous initial public release. I didn't like the way they handled community comments and involvement. Sure there are idiots in the community but the way they shut down any constructive criticism and treated everyone like children or busybodies was wrong. Virtual worlds are much more than just the game itself and Atom knows that. They have involved the community every step of the way, which is the right way to do things. Now having tried NR for myself, it's very apparent to me how inferior it is to AU. As for Avakin Life, that is also a quality game for what it is. Lockwood have developed something pretty amazing and although I prefer something on console, it's a fun game to use. I started using it even before Home closed but didn't use it much until I discovered I can play it on my PC using Bluestacks. I've been using it a bit more lately because they have a great range of clothing on there, plus I can decorate my spaces (which I love doing!). I am looking forward to the time when we have space customisation on AU though - I will go crazy! (in a good way) : )
  32. 3 points
    Lol Aya, I hope we don't need Fashion Police on AU but after some of the things I've seen on NR lately, oh wow! In a way, I like that there is the freedom to wear a mankini if you like, but I think I will be glad if they never appear on AU! I love your penalty system, lol. If we'd had that on Home, we could have made people have to wear the noob attire for a month. I see what you are saying about the boots though, so what you have in mind are ones that come up just over the knee, rather than those more 'adult' fetischy kind. I think they would look really good too. Another variation on that I would love are long, over-the-knee socks. Perhaps combined with boots, or just with shoes. I really love that Kawaii look.
  33. 3 points
    If they get made (a big IF ) I would rather have the freedom to team them with what I want, thats what I intended when I designed the boots,but I do agree it would be sad to see them worn distastefully but that sort of thing goes on here anyway, every day I see female Avi's walking around in their underwear ( I really wish they wouldnt) and it would be such a shame to have the choice of what I wear my boots with taken away from me (and others) because of the actions of a few undesirables. I dont like it when clothes are only given as an outfit, we all look the same and there's no imagination or creativity involved in making up a combo, its just someone else's idea like the Leather Boots and Skirt outfit, We can get the skirt separately but not the boots, I'd like to wear the boots with the leggings. So yeah a few people might team them in poor taste but those people will just wear something else equally distasteful even if my boots were not there. How about doing away with the underwear instead? Do we really need avi's walking about in bra and panties? I would have very mixed feelings about my boots being had only as part of a combo, glad on the one hand my design was used but I would always be unhappy that I cant choose what to wear them with what I want. These are really only over the knee tight boots and not the SM big thigh boots that are associated with a more "adult" look. The boots I suggested are worn by many women who would not consider themselves to be dressed in a provocative way and are the kind of boots you can walk down the highstreet in and not draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. As I say there will always be people dressing up their avi's in very poor taste and this will happen anyway regardless if my boots get made or not. These boots could look really good worn the right way. EDIT: When i said "do away with the underwear" I mean not have it in the wardrobe to be worn on its own, I didnt mean as it is under the skirt, no, no, no, lets keep it clean, obviously we need underwear when wearing a skirt or dress I just meant not having the option to wear Just the underwear on its own, just so I'm clear, I dont want anyone getting the wrong idea,lol (phew glad I spotted that!) . Yes to underwear with a skirt...No to underwear on its own and that is just my personal opinion
  34. 3 points
    These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do.... I'd buy that for A dollar (Or w/e they happen to be)
  35. 3 points
    I would definitely buy them but I kind of buy almost everything anyway, haha! Great job designing the boots on the AU avatar Aya : ) I've been thinking about what sort of boots I would like to see in AU for Eve and I was thinking perhaps these boots could be made as part of an outfit, costume or clothing item. For example, the boots could only be worn with jeans or tights like in your picture. That would stop people wearing thigh high boots with the bikini bottoms for example, which might be something that Atom is trying to avoid (?). Here are a few pics I found online where I think the thigh high boots look quite nice. I'm actually more keen for some gothic boots myself and found these really cute Alice in Wonderland style boots - I might suggest these to Atom : )
  36. 3 points
    Yes, how time flies! We will celebrate the anniversary of the public launch next month.... More info soon!
  37. 3 points
    I have trouble shooter with other Ps4 owners, to see if it was my unit along with the fan issue it was not mine only.and when I log on to atom universe the Ps4 fan takes off in high SPEED, and when I log off and go to another game the Ps4 fan goes to off mode. Atom universe only allow 64 player on a server at a time, something in atom universe network is working the PS4 UNIT TO HARD. Please check to fix the problem.
  38. 3 points
    It really is Dougie time! I forgot to announce it though doh! Hey guys I'm so glad you like the new stuff. We are aware of the lag issues and we are looking into it. As Aya said, it does seem to be less of an issue if you are in a less-busy space, so you could try that while we are working on it. Thanks for your feedback guys!
  39. 3 points
    I really want to see this hair on Atom Universe This is my all time favorite hair for my avatar especially if it in turquoise color Here are some other These are the hair that I want to see on AU being implemented
  40. 2 points
    HeyHey i think clothes are pretty neat o but i hope for some kool looking raven or steam punk or goth
  41. 2 points
    Awwww yeah, cake! For everyone! Happy early Birthday AU!
  42. 2 points
    Thanks Kim I see what you mean about the red lights. The overall lighting is a bit dark too, as you can see in the pics, only a small issue though and one i'm sure the devs could correct. I hope they are working on it. Did any of you Alpha testers do any good glitching in Crowbots? Having some sort of rail and a way of getting up there is a must, not just for fun but to get away from people trying to stand on our avi's, a glitch that takes some skill and needs to be practised to get it right so noobie trolls cant just follow us easily. The combination of elevating platforms and the rail they are close to (plus the bar) is a great touch in the Arcade and I'm very glad you added them. It would be cool to see something performing the same function in Crowbots if it opens, I really hope it does
  43. 2 points
    HeyHey I know what we need grave yard bunch tombstone and haunted house blood bath krazy costume too make more scary than last year halloween water fountain red blood
  44. 2 points
    This is such a great idea and I hope people take advantage of the free VIP for two weeks : )
  45. 2 points
    Well done on the coloured boots pic Aya! Yes, they look very shiny on the bottom part - like something from the glam rock era a bit but I like it! Yes, I was thinking more of a soft faux suede type material as well. I would also love some like that but without heels. Maybe when Atom sort out our flatter shoes issue they could make those. Still waiting on no shoes at all to wear with the bikinis : )
  46. 2 points
    Oh Nice Yea I think most people didn't care that Nightmare Yacht was just the same thing, (Like the London Pubs) As I think it might've been the only Semi new Halloween private space that year so lolz Nice, I didn't have it, but did see it thru A friend and it was decent looking. Only castle like spaces I had was Avalon Keep and The Goth Castle. (Maybe other as I had quite A few lolz) Not the Goth Manor, the 1 that came after that, as it was also as A clubhouse also.
  47. 2 points
    I remember the trap-o-matic.Wasnt that in Aurora itself? The big hairy leg thing with a cage at the top and a 24 hr timer and we got a reward after the 24hr time counted down( in the top left background in my pic) . Be cool if that could make a return to Aurora. Your right Jigsaw I think Ansada was the only actual 2D space but The LBP space did have a weird 2D effect ( as if our avi's were like cardboard cutouts) , I have included a pic to show what I mean. Did anyone else notice it at the time? Also with Ansada ,at the time of getting it, I was playing The Walking Dead (series 1) TellTale game and thought the graphics looked quite similar in that cartoony way and when inside there if you used your avi picture cam you got a full 360 view in a 2D enviroment .Going back to Aurora, as we do have that game/space on Atom now can any more of the things from the original be added to our Atom version? I like the way the Atom version has longer grass to show the passage of time. I never got the reward app for reaching 150, I only got to 146, I tried to get there during the last 6 months after the closure notice but I hadnt really bothered with Aurora until then except as a means to completing the daily challenges and didnt want my last weeks on PSHome to be dominated by Aurora. Close but not close enough (though some friends did have it and I did get to see it) but that trap-o-matic game was one of the coolest looking things on there. I'd love some more stuff like that on Atom
  48. 2 points
    Additional Edit: I've been thinking about this and Abi is right,even if the boots did get made ( I'm not kidding myself they probably wont,lol ) its inevitable that some noob sooner or later will be running around in a half naked avi wearing my boots and that will be horrible to see and so not what this was supposed to have been about. On the other hand I really would have liked the choice to wear them with what I wanted. Now I understand what the devs who create our clothes (and other stuff) must feel like when their creations are used in distasteful way. This must have happened so much on Atom U and on PSHome Devs, you have my sympathy
  49. 2 points
    I'd get em (course the PC shop would hafta be open though). Totally would if I could though lol.
  50. 2 points
    Hello everyone, Huge thanks to the Atom Universe staff for giving me a new home, I've been wondering around wonderland chasing rabbits and having tea with folks who are mad as hatter every since my last "Home" was erased from existence. Together we shall build a newer and far more cozy home together. Faithly yours -Preed