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    Hi Atomians! Hope you have been enjoying our awesome Valentine's Update: new clothing items, dances, accessories and our most exclusive private space - Ocean Palms Penthouse. This week we have been busy working on the new patch to deliver some fixes. VEEMEE WooHoo! We are super excited to officially announce our partnership with Veemee! We will be recreating Veemee's genuine PS Home content for Atom Universe. Patch Patch is now live for both Europe and North America regions. We have added fixes to Penthouse sublevels and some clothing fixes. Glowing Collection of Items Feel Da Glow with the new glowing collection of items for both Adam and Eve. Available from midnight UK time on Friday. Statue for our most generous Kickstarter Backer Please welcome the Statue of Jigsaw, our most generous Kickstarter backer. Thank you, Jigsaw! Here is a message from Jigsaw: "I'd just like to say thank you ever so much for the most precious statue ever created! And to everybody at Atom Universe, Your Welcome as it was my pleasure!" See you next week!
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    Greetings Atomians! This week we've released the fresh playlists for Arcade Plaza and Crowbots and hope you will enjoy the cool new tunes. There are also some new questionnaires to answer just before you join Arcade Plaza. We are still working on the new update and hope to make it available early next week. 3,000 Molecules Up for Grabs Want to win 3,000 Molecules? Then check our Facebook page for more details. But hurry, winner will be picked and announced this Friday! Ocean Palms Penthouse Gym A few weeks ago we held a vote on our Facebook page offering people to decide what they would like an empty room in the penthouse to be: a gym, a 2nd bedroom or a study. Out of 402 people who took part in the vote, 263 decided in favor of a gym. Also thanks to everyone suggesting interesting ideas like games room, plunge pool and sauna, we might utilize these in the future. New Flirty Dances A bit shy by fiery inside? Try our new Flirty Dances! Coming with Valentine update. Bespoke Pinafore Dress Be battle-ready, babes! Gotta show the world you mean business! This beautiful, unique scorpion pinafore dress has been exclusively designed for our community member - Abiatha. The variation of this dress with full colour customization will be available for everyone in around 3 weeks time. If you have a specific design idea for your bespoke clothing item, accessory or space, email us on request@atomuniverse.net See you next week!
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    Since there been A few Glow / Neon items being made, here's some of my own ides for any future Glow / Neon items This is A Pic of Glow Sticks, which can be either long or short in the pic and can be several different colors like Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow Etc. Glow Neon T shirts in various colors A Glow Ravers Lighting strike T Shirt Glow Neon Finger tip lights Glow Hoodies in Red or White (Or other colors) A Fancy Glow Neon Dress - If made right, this would be Awesome. This one could be made As an Glow Neon outfit, since it wraps itself around the body
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    Oh My....VEEMEE....IS....HERE!! YAAYY WOOOOOTTTT!! That's very Awesome news, Woo Hoo!! I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that 1 of the 1st thing's we'll most likely see 1st is the Re-Creation of Acorn Meadows Park!! Which would be An extremely good thing as then we'll get to have all their Holiday themed events they had on Home, Back in AU!! New Feel da Glow items? Also Awesome and can't wait to see them within the game!! And....Finally, the most Electrifying creation, you've ever seen!! PURE AWESOMENESS!!~~
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    Thank you for reporting. There are a couple of issues. We have a patch coming soon to fix most issues.
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    Hello Atomians! This week we've been working on some stylish and elegant clothing, accessories, dances and poses for both Adam & Eve as well as some awesome furniture sub-levels for Ocean Palms Penthouse. All of these will be included in the next update. Ocean Palms Penthouse Sub Levels Ocean Palms Penthouse will have beautiful Birthday and Valentine's furniture sub-levels full of lovely, tasteful touches to complete the luxurious look. Accessories Our developer Flashmob loves creating accessories. These Cyber Earrings and Feathered EarWings will be cool new additions to Eve's collection of accessories. What new accessories would you like see? Feel free to share your ideas and images. New Clothing Items This week we have some newbies for you to try out: - Patch Jumpers for Adam & Eve - Bonnie X Clyde T-shirts - Flashing bodysuits See you next week!
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    Greetings Atomians! The "most romantic day of the year " is fast approaching and our team is busy working on Valentine's update. We cannot wait to share some of our work next week. Ocean Palms Penthouse You have probably guessed already, that the new SubD space will be officially called Ocean Palms Penthouse. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your ideas and special thanks to Abiatha for "Ocean Palms" suggestion, we absolutely love it. Valentine's Day Tunes We are looking for your suggestions on cool Valentine's Day tunes for our playlist. Feel free to share your ideas and links in the comments to this post. The music has to be copyright free. New Clothing Items This week we have Urban Styles for you to try out: - Checkerboard open shirt with vest for Adam - Checkerboard t-shirt for Eve - Metal Studded high tops for both Check out the new, glowing in the dark Crowbots T-shirts available for atoms. See you soon!
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    Hello Atomians! The Valentine's Update is now live! It is packed with awesome stuff: new clothing items, dances, accessories and our most exclusive private space - Ocean Palms Penthouse. Ocean Palms Penthouse Ocean Palms Penthouse is truly one of a kind luxury space. With spectacular views of the ocean, it features premium designer interiors, aquarium, infinity pool, jacuzzi and private gym. Interactions The Penthouse has 18 different interactions. You can change Day/Night cycle, lift curtains on all floors, change mood lighting and many more. New Beautiful Outfits for Couples The Valentine's Update has lots of different new outfits for couples. Some of them you can WIN! See our official Facebook and Twitter pages for details. Classy Atomz Valentine Party Want to party on Valentine's Day? Join Classy Atomz Valentine Party Server on 14 February at 6pm CST See you next week!
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    What a cool update Victoria Loving the Ocean Palms Penthouse. What a great apartment and what a tease that car is,lol. Cool new dance pack too and I like the Valentine dress, very stylish If any of you would like to see what that Sub D sports car might look like on the open road then check out my video link that I made to celebrate the New Ocean Palms Penthouse. I tried to make it look as much like the Sub D car as possible ( I already had it in my garage, foil wrap red too, I just had to delete the widebody kit, add a smaller spoiler and pop on some shiny 5 spokes) Maybe this could be our Avi's on AU one day doing our thing on the streets ?
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    Oh !The uploaders taken the video off for the EU. What a pain! Here's the same video but with another track. Only the first video applies to Valentines day I think but maybe some others do too.
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    I really like the Ocean palms name for the penthouse. I do think it really fits everything in general about the space, so Yaay Abi!! I actually saw and bought that crowbots T shirt A few nights ago. I wasn't aware that it glows in the dark, so that makes it even more nice!! Some ideas for non copy rights V-Day music?? Idk about that 1, since almost all the good ones are / would be copy righted. Valentines Update next week.... only 1 thing though....is it next week....yet lolz
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    This is NOT the official Atom Universe trophy list , Its just a little something I cooked up. Hope it makes you smile These are all SPOOF trophies , they are NOT the ideas of Atom Republic and should in no way be taken seriously at all. Its just for FUN Some other suggestions for SPOOF for trophies are: Fashionista- Buy all clothes in Atom Universe- 80% common (cough up you free loaders) Big Spender-Reach a Molecule balance of over 15,000 molecules (got it! lol) - 0.2% Ultra Rare Bridezilla- Get married in the Chapel (oops I was supposed to keep that a secret :/ ) - 67% common Dont Stand On My Avi- Kinda says it all really - 95% common Famboy- Start a Fam on Atom Universe (seriously, please dont) - 33% Rare Socialite- Get 100 friends on your list - 53% uncommon Sociopath- Get a warning of bad behaviour- 17% very rare Schizophrenic- Play with two accounts at the same time - 4.5% Ultra rare Loudmouth- Join the forum 57% - uncommon Hannibal Lecter- Get banned from the forum - 9% Very Rare Charles Manson- Get banned from Atom Universe - 5% Ultra Rare LoneWolf- Have no friends on your list - 23% Rare Green is Good - Only Play Atom Universe on PC - 5% Ultra rare (this one is for Kim) Blue Blooded - Only Play Atom Universe on PS4 - 95% Common (not sure how people are supposed to get both of these :/ ) Crazy Train - Play Atom Universe for at least 20 hours a day for a week - 3% Ultra Rare My First Report - Get Trolled - 99.99% Common Deadly Rat - Get Trolled by someone wearing a Hammy Head - 4.5% Ultra rare
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    Just walk in Deckard's apartment like Blade Runner movie (1980s) Feel like you are in your own home and view real-life around virtual world with VR headset or without VR headset. Link address: (Cancelled. See my second topic)
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    Oh My!! So many lovely pics of....VEEMEE!! Ok, Ok, so many lovely pics of me statue as well!! But it's not all about me, it's truly all about helping making Atom Universe what it is today!! @MR HAPPY Thanks again for your kind words @Darkness.Dragon Lovely picture!! I'm sure you was just kidding @Abiatha Thanks again for all your very kind words and very Awesome pics of me statue (You too!!) !! @ayax2 Aw, It's ok, I'm sure you had A very good reason
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    Keep up the good work Atom Universe. I has a lot on ps home and I miss it every day. Please don't leave us hanging like Sony did. If there was only a way to have kept our content and still be able to get on but offline, I would have been happy. Yet, they took everything away from us when they left. If only we could have made a personal disk of what we had. Anyway, the memories are really coming back and for that I thank you so greatfully.
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    Photo PlayStation(R)Home 01-06-2013 00-10-35.jpg puisque que veemee est de retour , serait t'il possible de retrouver ce genre d'avatars qui rempla├žait celui de base ?
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    This is fantastic news - Atom partnering with VEEMEE - I can hardly believe it! Best news I've had all week : ) I see even more marvellous things ahead for Atom Universe! Congratulations on your statue Jigsaw - it looks awesome. I had no idea you were the top backer, so thank you so much once again for your very generous pledge that helped Atom Universe get started! You thoroughly deserve this recognition and I finally get to see your black outfit too! Looks great on both your avi and the statue : )
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    We need king and queen outfit and knight outfit too why we need wear hats they can't wear crown
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    Hello! Got the new penthouse space this morning and unlocked all the extras, after playing around a bit I encountered a few issues. The birthday items are not showing up at all, clicked a few times but they wouldn't show. Decided to leave the space and try again but the space wouldn't let me leave, got an error notice that travel failed. Let me leave after a bit on my second try and went to my lake house, returned but all the furniture was not showing and I had to click on everything twice to get it to show again. Still no birthday items showing up. The space isn't saving settings from previous visit so any blinds that were opened or lighting choices have to be redone each visit. Third visit to space and I still have to click on furniture twice for it to show up, the only setting showing on arrival is the romantic setting. The car seems to be on a non moving turntable, if your on the turntable near the car and it moves toward you the collision makes the car bump back a bit. Returned to my lake house and realized that all furniture there is not showing up and I need to click twice on all for it to show, could it be possible my saved data has an error? I really like the space overall, the music on the tv is a nice touch I wish I had in the other spaces with tv's. Hope this is helpful. Just an added note, for a space like this and the cost to unlock everything it would be nice if there was an added extra space or maybe include the birthday and romantic enhancements.
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    I'd like to take that car down the elevator and drive it around that coastline highway you can see. :
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    would be nice if could head to beach this would been great if did
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    Thanks for reporting about the birthday items, Steve, as I couldn't get them to show up either. I don't mind too much about everything resetting each time I go to the space (although would be nice to have the option to reset or have it remain as you left it), but what I find strange is you have to 'hide' the already invisible furniture group (that you had showing when you left but are not visible when you return), and then choose to 'show' it again. I'm kind of used to it though from some of the other spaces, so I don't mind too much. I just look ahead to the time in the future when we can decorate our spaces how we like. I love this new luxurious space and the furniture is beautiful. Maybe if someone buys this space, and all the furniture, they could get some kind of bonus item, as Steve suggested. I hope one day visitors might get a free item too : )
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    Thanks Abi, Glad you liked the music Congratulations on naming the Penthouse, Ocean Palms is spot on! If it was a church it could have been named Ocean Psalms :/ For the Penthouse final room idea I'd go with a dancefloor with lights, smoke, lasers etc. I think this would work for a private apartment or a club house too.
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    Whats your Aurora high score? When Aurora was on PSHome there was a daily high scoreboard. Would it be possible for the Atom version to have one? I thought of this question because there's been a bit of talk about Aurora in the forum lately but I though this topic could do with its own thread. Even if we dont have an actual scoreboard in the Aurora space we could post them on here for now. I guess we should have three seperate categories for Bronze, Silver and Gold goggles. The best I have done so far is 1025 with Silver goggles, I hear over 600 is good with Bronze and I have no idea with Gold ones because I dont have them yet. Have any of done better? Picture proof would be nice but feel free to post a score even if you dont. Please be aware of any possibily offensive text in the chat box as this is a family friendly forum I should point out that even though it looks like I got 14 golds I didnt , they are silver orbs, I dont know why but silver orbs are colored gold and gold orbs are red, no idea why this is ,its a bit confusing but there you go. On the PSH original the best I managed was 5225 but I had friends who bettered this by quite a way. Did any of you do better?
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    Hello Atomians! Our weekly devblog will now be released on Friday rather than Thursday, it seems more logical to give updates at the end of the week. This week we have started the engine upgrade and will be switching to Unreal Engine version 4.19 Upgrade to Unreal Engine Version 4.19 The new Unreal Engine 4.19 includes many new exciting features and fixes. There are graphics, animation and performance improvements to name a few. Engine upgrade opens possibilities for much better gaming experience. Community Videos Community Thursday! From this week every Thursday, we will be posting some great videos from our community. New Tartan Styles Celebrate the tartan revival with some new awesome styles for both Adam & Eve New Bespoke Ayax Boots Here are some new versions of Ayax Boots that have been exclusively designed for our community member - Aya. Glowing and patent leather styles in lots of different colours. If you have a specific design idea for your bespoke clothing item, accessory or space, email us on request@atomuniverse.net See you next week!
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    As we know ST Patrick's day is in March, and we only have A few ST Patrick's Day themed items within Atom Universe. You wanna see more items? Here's your chance to express some ideas you may have....
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    I think if you made the building exactly the same, it would look pretty much like any abandoned hospital. As Ayax2 says, it's not really that unique - spooky hospitals/asylums have been used a lot in survival games. I think where you might be in trouble is if you copied any of the Siren wording and motifs, like that nurse cut out. Anything that really screams 'Siren Blood Curse' and is immediately identifiable as from that game or the PS Home space. I'm not sure how litigious Sony is (probably nowhere near as much as Disney who are famous for taking legal action) but they have allowed the remake of the Harbour Studio on Nebula Realms which, although is expanded and slightly different, to me is immediately identifiable as the Harbour Studio. If they've allowed that to go on to the PS4, I would say go ahead with your design, just avoid using any content that they could immediately see is from Siren. Harbour Studio was just a free space on a Sony owned virtual world now defunct, whereas the Siren space actually relates to a game which means $$$. The fact that it's a PS3 game (not a current PS4 game) probably helps your case but I would be careful just to be on the safe side.
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    Hello all! To the PlayStation Home Users, do you guys remember the zombie place called "Siren Ward Of Despair"? Would you want something similar to that on Atom Universe?
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    More Feel Da Glow ideas -
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    Thank You Atom, I saw the glowing T-shirt and was hoping that one of the other glowing items was going to be the Croptop...AND IT IS!!! Whoooo! Thank you so much, I needed that, you've brightened my night up loads ( pun intended) This is going to get worn a lot (by me)
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    Yes, congratulations Jigsaw - it looks amazing! You deserve such recognition for your generous pledge that helped kick off our new virtual world! I always wondered who the top pledger was - I didn't realise it was you, lol! You rock!!! The statue looks awesome - I love the metallic texture it has : )
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    Nice place, but does it come with towels? I want one.
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    Just got the new update. Ocean Palms is looking great Great apartment and what a nice car too. A car next to a car sized elevator ooh what a tease! The elevator doors open but I cant get it to go anywhere,lol. Is this a puzzle? Will we be driving this in the near future?
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    I agree JIggy , it's better to have things done properly even if it means waiting a little longer. It's good to see some new dances on here, we cant get enough of those The amount of dances we have on here is defiantly one of Atoms strengths compared to the other Virtual world games on PS4. Same here, good luck with the molecules but would it be possible to have some of these competitions accessible from here? Congratulation's to Abiatha on getting your Dress on AU and making a version of it available to the public as well, lets hope we see some more players getting stuff out there. Adding to the fabric of Atom Universe is a good thing
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    Yep, I think a beach would go down well on here, there has been some talk of a beach on here in the last year. It would be so cool to have it somehow connected with the Ocean Palms. If this was to happen I'm guessing that a big public space would be made by the Atom Universe dev's as Sub D seem to have kept to private spaces for now. I'm sure Sub D could do a public space if they chose to. So maybe the question is...Would Sub D be cool about AU dev's featuring the Ocean Palms apartment block in a beach space based on the scenery around the Ocean Palms space? Also Abi and myself have both said how we would like the public and private spaces to feature each other in some way. Another one of these I liked was the way the Lockwood beach (forgotten what it was called :/ but there was a gecko in the daily tasks and we could swim in the water) that we could see the Luxury Yacht by the shore and way off in the distance we could also see the Dream Island space. I really do think that these small touches add geographic continuity and create a feeling of realism to the game which makes it even more fun to play It worked on PSHome, it would work on AU as well.
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    The Ocean Palms is really looking amazing I also would love to see, in the future, as Aya mentioned, a public beach space somehow tied in with the penthouse. Just a beach, maybe with a cafe and boardwalk and a shop or two. It would be a dream if the penthouse could be accessible from that public beach, but if not, at least to see it from the beach would be great. I think it would create more of a feeling of a virtual world that way. I love how on games like GTAV you can drive up to your apartment block, then enter the front door and arrive in your penthouse and look down on where you have just come from. Also on PS Home we had the Granzella beach space where you could access your own private beach, and the Southern Hideaway where you could see your private space from the public space, and access it. I was really thrilled by the way you could do that - it really created that illusion of a world, rather than just lots of disconnected spaces. Love the other new items and the earrings look good too. I really hope we get some kind of camera functions one day, so we can zoom, move the camera up and down, etc, so we can better appreciate the detail in the wonderful items created : ) For now, we just have to be creative and use the environment to get those close ups! Great blog update but I did noticed that Steam still only has up to Update #87 - so it's several behind, given we are up to #92! Hope Steam can be updated soon!
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    Hmmm....I wonder what the New Dances and poses are and if there is actually at least 2 new of each That Valentines Furniture though, Wonder how many molecules for 9 candles and some rose pedals on the floor. Makes 1 really wish we could decorate this ourselves. In A way we could've had voted on this, besides of what the extra room was gonna be, just saying Another Flashing body suit, YAAAAAAAY!! Lolz
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    We will be working on club Jacket for Hamster Freedom very soon. For now we cannot have accessories on head masks but going forward when we make major updates, we will think of a solution for this.
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    Good suggestion Aya - very nice relaxing music - hopefully Atom might be able to use that for Valentine's : ) I will have to see if I can find some as well! That pic of the new Penthouse looks so good! I'm really pleased one of my suggested names for the Penthouse was chosen (I went a bit overboard with suggestions, lol), as there were a lot of really good ones. The Penthouse looks amazing already. It will be interesting to see what that final room becomes: a bedroom? a gym? a games room? a study? a sauna? lots of possibilities! I think the majority seem to want a gym or games room - I presume with working equipment or games though.
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    while Journey is an Awesome band, I'm pretty sure they would be copy righted though
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    >https://youtu.be/8i23-QWPIzs >https://youtu.be/I51zOi8-WGo Resident Evil 0, a remastered version of the popular prequel to the originalResident Evil game, is coming to PS4 and PS3 in early 2016. This remastered version takes the fear-inducing atmosphere from the original 2002 release and transforms it with stunning new HD visuals, improved sound, widescreen support and an optional modernized control system and more. Both series fans and newcomers alike can experience the story of what really happened before the iconic mansion incident that was the catalyst for the entire Resident Evil Saga. >https://youtu.be/RRtJBaQ9tow The Story - The year is 1998 and reports have begun mounting about unusual murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The city's special forces division, S.T.A.R.S., sends Bravo Team to investigate. Among the six team members is rookie Rebecca Chambers. En route to the murder scene, their helicopter suddenly experiences engine trouble and is forced to make a crash landing in the forest. After the rough landing, the team finds an overturned prisoner transport vehicle with the brutally murdered bodies of military police scattered close by. A document found amongst the wreckage indicates they were transporting a prisoner who was wanted for murder: ex-lieutenant Billy Coen.Team leader Enrico tells everyone to split up to search the area. Rebecca searches the dark forest alone and eventually stumbles upon a train stopped on the tracks. She enters the train unaware of the nightmare that awaits her inside. S.T.A.R.S. - Raccoon City's Special Tactics and Rescue Service. They're the best of the best. S.T.A.R.S. is split up into two teams: Alpha and Bravo. Bravo Team was the first to be dispatched and is the team of which Rebecca is a member. Recbecca Chambers Billy Coen A Mystery Man Albert Wesker William Birkin Zombies - Corpses that have been brought back to life by the T-Virus. Pretty much all memories of their lives have been eroded and their intelligence has dropped significantly. All they can understand is their primal instinct to feed, so they attack living people in order to do this. The only remaining connection to their previous lives are the clothes on their back. Stinger - A T-Virus-infected scorpion thought to have been created as part of someone's experiment. It frequently molted under the influence of the T-Virus, growing to a size many times larger than normal. It's carapace is thick enough to withstand conventional gunfire. Game Play - Just the Two of Us - You control rookie S.T.A.R.S. member, Rebecca Chambers, and death-row fugitive, Billy Coen. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses which you must understand in order to solve puzzles and survive. Don't get too used to having backup, though. You may sometimes find yourself alone and fending for yourself. Know your Strengths - Rebecca's background in chemistry gives her the ability to combine health-replenishing herbs, and her small frame allows her to slide between tight spaces. Billy can move large obstructions and use a wider variety of weapons. Analyze the situation and take advantage of each character's strengths. Solve Puzzles as a Team - You may sometimes need to attack a problem from different angles by leaving your partner in one location while you take care of something in another in order to progress. Teamwork doesn't always mean staying together. Sharing is Caring - You and your partner need ammo and herbs to survive, so if your partner is low, make sure you share the spoils. If they are close by, you can hand things to them directly, but if they are somewhere else, you can leave items behind for your partner to pick up later. It's also handy to leave items behind in order to pick up more useful items when your inventory is full. Items left on the ground will glow, so you won't lose sight of them. New controls - In the original game, the controls were comparable to those of a tank, with forward, backward, and rotation buttons. You can play using this classic control scheme or an alternative control scheme that lets you move in the direction you push on the analog stick. Wesker Mode - Resident Evil 0 comes with the all-new "Wesker Mode." Dressed in his all-black outfit from Resident Evil 5, Wesker appears alongside Rebecca, who is sporting a pair of glowing red eyes and a device akin to what the brainwashed Jill Valentine was wearing... Just what kind of mode will this be? Stay tuned to find out! >https://youtu.be/TGZ5Nl11zAU
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    Thanks Kim Thats what I was hoping for and what its all about, feel free to add some trophy ideas on here
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    How did you go on about this on the boot topic? Cause you compared Each V.R. on how many shoes / boots items each company had more so then the other. Then it went into comparing the overall environmental behaviors between the 2. And....I'll just repeat what I said 2 years ago....the people at NR just needs to simply just...."LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!" The main reason is they they're seemingly STILL jealous that A.U. had succeeded at our Kickstarter, as NR had Failed theirs....(Twice I think) and they've even banned ppl who support AU from their own forums also. Not to mention them screwing up their own launch of their game didn't help matters either, that's there own fault they didn't know what they were doing smh....2 years later....they just need to build that bridge and just simply get over themselves lmao. When Home had closed on April 1, 2015 (Of all days ) I only had to wait 5 months without A Home until 4 Kings Beta on Sept 8, 2015. If I cared to use the PC version, only had to wait A few days. As for who actually uses 4 Kings is mostly all the DL's Paradise Casino's users from Home as most are still here almost on A Daily basis. And our / their environment is about the same as A.U.'s. And Ironically If I had known Avakin Life is out since Dec 2013, I would've been on there sooner, but I didn't have A tablet until few months ago lolz
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    oh nooo they need fix that i hope see u soon