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    • JIGSAW4422
      Oh My!! So many lovely pics of....VEEMEE!!     Ok, Ok, so many lovely pics of me statue as well!! But it's not all about me, it's truly all about helping making Atom Universe what it is today!!    @MR HAPPY  Thanks again for your kind words     @Darkness.Dragon Lovely picture!! I'm sure you was just kidding     @Abiatha Thanks again for all your very kind words and very Awesome pics of me statue (You too!!) !!    @ayax2 Aw, It's ok, I'm sure you had A very good reason 
    • ayax2
      I feel as you do DrNitemare.             I asked about the possibility of a disc based version of PlayStation Home on the Sony PlayStation EU Forum page "Petition to continue PlayStation Home"         It was obviously an unregulated forum as it seemed to be used by a handful of people to just mock those of us who were upset by the closure of PSH. (I cant mention any names on here but IF I see them in game, any game, I'm blocking them on the spot)  There were a lot of us on there who were practically begging Sony to keep PSHome open but I dont even remember any Sony official posting on that forum.       I'm guessing most of us knew it was all for nothing ( If your going out, go out fighting) but we tried anyway and it would have been nice if a single Sony staff member had explained to us why the game we had invested so much of our lives and money in was closing.         My last words on that forum on 11 March 2015 were " I really hope Atom Universe is more fortunate. Good luck everybody"        Thank You Atom Universe for trying and for succeeding  
    • DrNitemare
      Keep up the good work Atom Universe. I has a lot on ps home and I miss it every day. Please don't leave us hanging like Sony did. If there was only a way to have kept our content and still be able to get on but offline, I would have been happy. Yet, they took everything away from us when they left. If only we could have made a personal disk of what we had. Anyway, the memories are really coming back and for that I thank you so greatfully.
    • ayax2
      Thank You Atom, I saw the glowing T-shirt and was hoping that one of the other glowing items was going to be the Croptop...AND IT IS!!!    Whoooo!    Thank you so much, I needed that, you've brightened my night up loads ( pun intended)     This is going to get worn a lot (by me)
    • Atom
      Merci Tanguy et Rakuen pour vos réponses   Après notre mythique ami Ndreams ( Saint Xi priez pour nous pauvres homeurs ), Voici la super nouvelle de la semaine :   VEEMEE rejoint à son tour Atom Universe et promet le retour de contenu « PS-Home » dans Atom Universe :))))     Te souviens-tu de ce petit coin de paradis ?  Nostalgie... Nostalgie...     De cet endroit, improbable et poétique, ou les « homeurs » gambadaient joyeusement avec les canetons, les lapins et autres créature « mythico-PS-homienes »       L’harmonie et la paix « Homiene » régnaient alors sur la PS3. :D. Nostalgie...     Jusqu’au jour où :     et pareil pour nos amis anglophones       Heureusement, il y a Atom, il y a Ndreams, et il y a Veemee maintenant       Je retrouve, avec bonheur, une partie de mes marques « Homienes »  Let’s Ndreams at Veemee Let the good time roll     Laissez les bons temps rouler     Ah j’allais oublier, j’adore cette tenue, mais vous ne devinerez jamais pourquoi     Bon d’accord, vous êtres trop fort et je suis trop « nostal-home-geek »   j’avoue :     Allez, j’espère vous avoir assez amusé comme ça,  il est temps de faire la fête pour célébrer le retour de VEEMEE :)))     Au plaisir de vous rencontrer « ingame »  Hope to meet you "ingame"