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    • rakuen
      On exit from the Atom to the store US , i get the following message every time i want connect to the game ( unable to create or append to entity error bad request ) whereas until now i never had this problem .
    • TronLennon
      This "early access" is pretty laughable. I mean did server issues ever cross your mind's before releasing this? Seriously... How can you have early access if no one can access anything? It's really disappointing. Why tease your fans and community? Fix it now so we can at least see what the game has to offer, or take it off the darn PS store. It's a joke having access to a free access without actual access. Catch my drift? Come on AR, let's go
    • James
      Hey guys I got a song request closer by The chainsmokers its a good and popular song n i hope u guys can add it in the future or maybe even add the band
    • AtomAngel
      The servers are working better now, we had a huge rush of people attempting to log into au from the 23rd and over stressed the servers, ironically this is what we want, the more stress on the servers the better so we can correct and continue to improve the servers so everyone can get in and have fun,  I also could not get on over the weekend and if I did it was not for long, so you are not alone.  As time progresses it will get even better, the servers like I said are working a lot better now and you do have the option to go to the public places I.E. the Hub or the Plaza free.  Have Patience Community, we are working very hard for you
    • SecDev
      Sometimes it loads instantly, fast. Then next time, it takes forever and server instances never load.